Tazarotene Gel Before and After

Use of Bio Oil for Acne Scars

Tazarotene gel 0.05 % is used to treat psoriasis or acne. It is a retinoid product, related to Vitamin A. It works amazingly by affecting the growth of skin cells. It is known to be the most amazing treatment ever for acne; it feels like its renewing and refreshing the skin when you sleep and helps to clear up your skin. This gel is highly recommended for topical use. Wash and dry your hands before and after applying this gel.

Since I was at the age of 13 I’ve had cystic acne. I got both hormonal cysts on my jawline and a different type of acne on my cheeks. I’ve tried several topical medications in my teenage years and oral antibiotics. When I touched at my early 20’s I was good at concealing my blemishes with beauty makeup products. However, I heard about this amazing Tazarotene gel. I ordered and started using it. After six months, I had experienced nearly all the side effects that were possible with this gel. I was miserable, but then I observed my skin had cleared up and there were no blemishes. After a year, they came back, but not nearly as bad. About 5 years later, I broke out extremely badly. It was the worst breakout I had ever experienced. My dermatologist was very helpful; he provided the collection of samples of tretinoin creams building up in strength. He gave me clear instructions about how to start with the weakest and use for 2 weeks before moving to the next strongest. My final prescription was to be the Tazorac cream at 0.05%. It took a couple of months, but I had clear skin once more. I used it for many years until I couldn’t afford to buy another tube.

  • The Tazret gel is an excellent topical retinoid for acne treatment, but it, like other retinoids, can be drying. To get the best results, use just a green pea-sized quantity on the whole face at bedtime only.
  • Tazarotene gel 0.05 % is known as a topical retinoid and a very effective treatment option for acne.
  • It does not matter if you apply the moisturizer on, over or under the Tazret gel. Use a gentle moisturizing cleanser and avoid using scrubs.
  • If you feel that your skin gets too dry or irritated, you can apply a moisturizer 10 minutes after applying the Tazret gel.
  • Most results take about 5-6 months to get clearance of acne and improvement of sun damage.

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