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Cosmetics are considered a means of improving and beautifying skin texture, complexion, skin conditions, and body features from head to toe. People across the world prefer using the best cosmetics to enhance their appearance. Makeup plays an important role for both genders. For attaining miraculous and unblemished beauty, Cosmeticsandyou (CNY) has emanated as a solution point for trending and best beauty products.

A significant amount of research reveals that a bad appearance or looks can result in anxiety, low self-esteem, and low self-confidence in any human being. Therefore, using quality products that help you maintain your beauty is important. As we know, cosmetics beautify us, but its over-usage can equally irritate and damage your skin. The ingredients used in making cosmetics are prepared with certain chemicals, so choosing and using the right cosmetics is imperative for skin safety.

Our passion is your beauty, so discover the unique you. Cosmeticsandyou brings authentic products for your daily cosmetical needs. Team CNY is a click away to answer all your queries and make all possible efforts to provide a cherished smile on many faces. Take a look at the categories we provide skin care products in:

Skin Brightening - for making uneven skin tone more even and radiant, skin brightening products are a perfect choice. It is apparent from many types of research that hydroquinone is considered the gold standard for lightening dark spots. 

Melalite and SkinLite cream contains hydroquinone to combat Melasma and dark patches, improving skin tone. We also offer Kojic cream containing Kojic and ascorbic acid, used for skin lightening and brightening. People who are sensitive to hydroquinone creams are recommended to use Kojic cream.

Acne Care Products - Various gels, lotions, and creams treat acne and give you clear and glowing skin. Different preparations work in different ways. Tretinoin gel is a proven remedy to fight and reduce acne, wrinkles, and scars by processing skin repair. On the other hand, Azelaic Acid Cream and Benzoyl peroxide gel have antibacterial and exfoliating properties that help to keep skin clear of acne and pimples. One can also consider these products as Anti-aging creams.

Further, Tazarotene gel and Salicylic Gel are there, which help skin repair and become acne-free, appearance and improved texture. Overall, the antibacterial creams Retino A cream or Tretinoin cream are used on the skin to deal with acne and skin bleach penetrating enhancer qualities. It diminishes blemishes, age spots, and skin pigmentation, improving the skin quality and giving it a flawless and radiant look.

Anti-Aging Products - CNY offers many anti-aging creams that keep the skin moisturized. Anti-aging products make skin firm, smooth, toned and glowing. These also work as Anti-wrinkle creams that address roughness, wrinkling, and brown spots. Anti-aging products aim to repair the skin cells, providing a smooth and gleaming texture.

EyeCare – The most famous product, Careprost (Bimatoprost) or Bimat, elongates the length of eyelashes, making them longer, thicker and more beautiful. Careprost enhances the growth phase of the hair cycle of eyelash hair, giving splendid and commendable lashes.

Cosmeticsandyou is not just a cosmetics store but also nourishes every human being with the same eagerness and confidence to live beautifully. Our fast and reliable customer care team is always ready to solve your concerns regarding products, purchases, pricing, discounts, order updates, etc.

Let’s shop with us to adorn yourself.

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