Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Cosmeticsandyou.com. This section govern the usage of our site by the customers and their conduct regardless of the mode of access. This usage includes all the interactive services like beauty tips and tricks, suggestions, etc. These terms and conditions are applicable to all the products and services being present on this website. This website is strictly to be used for personal requirement and is completely prohibited from any commercial usage and information. You are granted access to this website within a pre-set indication of your confirmation to abide by the rules of this Terms and Conditions section. So, it is mandatory to read and go through all the information very carefully mentioned here.

Privacy features:
We understand the value of securing your personal details and so, this section governs with the privacy policy of our website. We abide by the rule of safeguarding all the information furnished by our customers and in no case we are allowed to disclose any information to a third party without the affirmative consent of our customer.
Moreover, we assume the use of this site by only adults and that if the minors are accessing this website, they are doing so under the supervision of their guardians. The customer is solely responsible to maintain the full confidentiality of their mail address, passwords, and other information related to their account on this website. At any point of time if you feel insecure related to your account details you can always connect with us and our team will assist you in every possible way to make you satisfied.

Product and Services:
Although the information present on the website is updated to the much recent of the versions, still the company discard the liability of the implications regarding the authenticity of the information which correct, complete, and or updated. The company reserves the full right to correct and rectify the discrepancies that may arise regarding the authenticity and completeness of its products and services. Please do not consider errors may arise in the pricing details, availability, colour, shape, size, and appearance of some products. The prices and the availability of various products and services at Cosmeticsandyou.com is always subjected to any change without any prior notification at the sole discretion of the company.This website contains the products which are purely meant for personal usage and that the re-sale, export and import within nations, and marketing without licence are to be held punishable against the legal implications. The company by no means is busy endorsing the products which are displayed first among the several search results. All the information which may include the pictures, graphics, layout, documents, videos, audios, text, and software are solely the property of Cosmeticsandyou.com. It is not meant for endorsement, and convenience but are completely informative.

Cosmeticsandyou.com provides you with limited, non-copying, non-transferrable, non- submissive license to access this website even for the future usage. That the company reserves full right to terminate your license at any point of time due to legal discrepancy with the discretion of the company.

Representations and Warranties:
This website is solely for the purchasing of the varied range of beauty products, skin care, available both for male and female. The usage and purchasing of any products and services are completely customer wish and that the company will not be held liable for any kind of loss or damage that may arise with the usage of these products and services.

Shipping policies for orders

All orders placed by you will be chargeable. Shipping fee is depends on the weight of the consignment. 

Rates may change

Shipping rates and policies may change without notice. We ship parcels to street addresses (all shipping methods), P.O. boxes to different locations (standard shipping only). Packages sent to military addresses may be delayed by military mail handling.

Regarding the default shipping address

Your default shipping address will be the one used most recently for placing the new orders. At Checkout page, you can edit your shipping address by choosing the Select a Different Address option. Fill in or choose Add a New Address.

You can change your shipping address at any point of time in the addresses area of Your Account before placing the order. You can also add, delete, or edit any of your shipping addresses.