How Long To Use Careprost

Careprost bimatoprost

Almost everyone wants to flaunt super long and thick eyelashes. Our eyes play a significant role in the overall beauty and having fuller eyelashes enhance the special beauty of the eyes. It makes a big difference in the features and improves one’s personality. Women tend to prepare themselves to look more attractive. Unfortunately, not everyone on this planet is blessed with the gift of long and mesmerizing eyelashes.

Many people are suffering from hypotrichosis (having inadequate or sparse eyelashes). Such people, especially women use fake eyelashes to make their eyelashes look longer and darker. If you wish to make your lashes beautiful than Careprost drops can help you. It aims to help you gain longer and thicker eyelashes by extending your natural ones.

What is Careprost?

Careprost is a now a well-renowned formula that works by increasing the length, thickness, and density of eyelashes. The product comes in an ophthalmic preparation that is meant to be applied directly to the lashes that help to extend the length of your eyelashes naturally.

The product comprises of Bimatoprost as the vital ingredient, which is a proven formula to grow eyelashes naturally. The prostaglandin Bimatoprost is also known for its powerful ocular hypertensive effect and which made it an important treatment option for glaucoma. The active ingredient was initially discovered to treat glaucoma.

It was discovered that people who were using these eye drops found they have increased length, thickening, and darkening of eyelashes. This unwanted effect led to the use of this eye drops for cosmetic purposes.

However, there are other undesired effects of Careprost such as darkening of the skin of the eyelids, irritation, and eye redness. All these side effects can be reversed once the medication is discontinued or the application is reduced. Darkening of the iris has also been reported, and this side effect can be reversed.

The Usage Instructions of Careprost

The normally used strength of Careprost Careprost eye drops is 0.03% and is recommended to use once daily preferably before going to sleep. For the better application of medication, wash your hands and face with a mild cleanser. Ensure that your makeup and contact lenses are removed before applying the ophthalmic preparation. Now open the little bottle and put one drop of solution into the applicator brush. Using the brush, carefully draw a line of the drop along with the upper eyelid. Carefully remove the excess liquid from the skin to avoid unwanted hair growth. Repeat the same method with the other eye also. Do not apply the ophthalmic preparation to the lower lid. The eye drops are not approved for people less than 18 years of age.

Duration of Careprost Treatment

You should use Careprost once nightly and begin to see noticeable growth within eight weeks with maximum growth by 12 to 16 weeks. Keep in mind that if you stop using the eyelash enhancer, your lashes will return to their previous state within a few weeks or months. Therefore, it is recommended to use Careprost once or twice a week to maintain the achieved growth and thickness. You can buy careprost online from cosmeticsandyou at affordable price.