How Does Ageing Affect Your Eyelashes?

Unfortunately, thinning of eyelashes is part of the ageing process. The good news is that there are numerous ways to help improve the appearance of eyelashes.   

Should you be concerned regarding your thinning eyelashes

Have you ever noticed how long and beautiful your eyelashes were in your 20s? As we age, our eyelashes begin to thin out, regardless of gender. Eyelashes add beauty to your eyes and act as a protective mechanism to keep the debris out.

As we age, our tiny lash hair begins to thin. Like the hair on our head, our lash hair has hair follicles and undergoes stages of continued regrowth throughout our lives.

The eyelash hair follicle cycle consists of four stages: hair grows, rests, sheds, and regrows.

As we age, the eyelash follicles slow the cycle of new lash formation or can even stop the growth altogether. The older we get, the slower our eyelash growth process becomes. This is the way our lashes begin to thin out. In addition, women over four years of age through menopause, with a reduction of estrogen hormone production, important for collagen production, healthy thick hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes. With menopause, many females will notice changes in hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes. They become dry, brittle, coarse, and more likely to break. This leads to short and thin eyelashes and eyebrows. The lash quality is also affected.

Reasons for thinning of eyelashes  

If you think you are not old enough to experience thinning lashes, there are a few other reasons your eyelashes could be thinning. Constant rubbing of your eyes can cause thinning of lashes. This is common in women who use eyeliner, mascara, or other eye makeup. When you rub to remove makeup, you are irritating lashes and lids. Another common reason for falling lashes has eye irritants. Constant rubbing of lashes may irritate follicles. Also, there could be other reasons as well, which include taking certain medications, family heredity, and certain medical conditions. For any major concerns, you should speak to your doctor.  

What can you do about it?

Fortunately, numerous options help you give the appearance of longer lashes. So, you don’t have to live with thin or short eyelashes. Some remedies can help you achieve a beautiful set of eyelashes. Most of them are temporary fixes, and you feel confident again and possibly fool everyone around you. Whatever method you pick, give your lashes the time to breathe.  

  • Makeup – Many women turn to makeup, most commonly mascara with lash extending qualities or thickening formulations. If you choose to improve the appearance of your lashes with the mascara trick, replace your mascara bottle every three months to avoid infection.
  • Falsies – Available in various lengths, false eyelashes are often affixed with glue to supplement existing lashes, but these can often cause trauma to your natural eyelashes.
  • Over-the-counter solutions – These have vitamins and moisturizers to nourish your lashes. Vaseline and castor oil once nightly application helps eyelash hair grow.
  • Talk to your dermatologist – If you are concerned about your thin eyelashes, talk to your dermatologist to determine which treatment might be right for you. Careprost eye drops can be used to improve the growth of eyelashes, making them look longer, darker, and thicker.
  • Eyelash transplants – This surgical procedure transfers scalp follicles onto the eyelid and is generally done under the supervision of an expert.

Is there any effective treatment option for thinning of lashes?

An effective solution is available, and you can speak to your dermatologist. It is called Careprost Eye Drops. Careprost contains the active ingredient Bimatoprost, which is approved to assist in growing long, healthy, and fuller eyelashes in approximately sixteen weeks. It effectively treats people with the problem of hypotrichosis, a rare condition in which there is little or no hair growth on the eyelids. While Careprost bimatoprost is a good option for most people who already have short or thin eyelashes or want to prevent eyelash thinning in the future, those with sensitive eyes may not be the right candidate. Your doctor can help guide you on Careprost usage and potential side effects. Careprost eye drops include an itching sensation in the eyes, redness, skin darkening, eye irritation, dryness of the eyes, and redness of the eyelids.  

Final Verdict

Eyelashes protect the eye by stopping the matter from getting to the eye and diverting water. Apart from ageing, various congenital and acquired diseases and conditions can affect the appearance of eyelashes. It is important to determine the cause of thinning of eyelashes. As always, discuss with your dermatologist and weigh the pros and cons of all treatment options. Make sure you talk to your dermatologist before applying unnatural treatment to your eyelids.