How To Wash Eyeliner Brush

The best method for cleaning your eyeliner brush requires water and a brush cleanser. If you don’t like to spend on a cleanser specifically for your brush, your favourite face wash can do the trick.

No doubt your eyeliner brush can be a miracle, the smooth application, and extreme precision, and of course, how can you forget those perfect cat eye look you can achieve with your sleek eyeliner brush. But very few of us frequently clean this makeup essential. Giving them a thorough washing every month or two is not enough. Expert says we should clean them more often to prevent the build-up, which can result in breakouts. There is much more you can do to clean your favourite makeup tool properly. Read on to find out how to wash your eyeliner brush in the right way. Before we move on to tips to clean eyeliner brush, Let’s get a quick idea on how often we should clean this essential makeup tool.

How often should you clean your make brushes?

Most makeup artists and dermatologists ask to soak the makeup brushes including eyeliner brush once a week. This should be the minimum duration for washing your makeup tools to prevent product build-up. Expert says liner brushes are used around the eyes should be cleaned well at least twice a month. Frequent cleansing or exfoliation don’t just help to keep your skin clean; you need to put some extra efforts by soaping up your liner brushes regularly. This will extend the life of the bristles and make them ready for those perfect strokes. Makeup brushes are porous, so they tend to hold oils, bacteria, and dead skin. Using a dirty brush can make your application spotty and uneven.

How to clean your eyeliner brush?

According to dermatologists and makeup artists, layers of oil when mixed with dead skin cells and makeup pigments leads to the production of bacteria. And this is probably not good news for your skin. 

You probably don’t need much to give a new life to your liner brushes. Check out the brush cleaning routine given below:

Place your eyeliner brushes or other makeup brushes under running hot water, then, put them in a large bowl where they can be soaked up in shampoo or brush cleanser. You can also use your favourite face wash to rinse your makeup essentials. Gently rub them with your fingers to get a good lather for a few minutes. This will help ensure the elimination of the left makeup traces, dirt, or bacteria.

Once again hold the eyeliner brushes under running. This time to make sure no lather left in them and they get their original colour.

Several washing mats are also available in the market that saves hours of brush washing time, you need to rub your favourite brush over the tiny, plastic teeth on the mat and it cleans them within a few minutes.

If you still find some makeup residue left in the brushes, you may again repeat the process. If you are still not satisfied, then squeeze the water out of the bushes and lay them on a towel to allow them to dry.

Cleaning your brushes may add more to your hectic daily routine, but it pays off. Clean your eyeliner brush regularly, and your eye problems will improve. You can buy careprost on cosmetics and you with genuine quality.