How to Soften the Eyeliner Brush

How to Soften the Eyeliner Brush

Do you remember when you cleaned your eyeliner brushes? If you find them caked in makeup and unable to draw a perfect stroke with those hard bristles, then, it is the right time to wash them.

Follow these tricks to keep your eyeliner brush from hardening:

  1. Baby shampoo- You may achieve those sharp edges and cat-eye look right away when your eyeliner brush is still soft. You can muse baby shampoo to maintain the softness of your favourite makeup essential tool. Baby shampoo is gentle and does not leave makeup residues and irritants behind. You need to put a few drops of shampoo in your fingers and rub them on your brushes until it forms a good lather. Then rinse them under running water, and then lay them on a towel to dry.
  2. Dishwashing soap- Your dishwashing soap can also do the trick. Mix lukewarm water and dishwashing soap, gently rub the brushes into your palm. This not only softens the bristles but also removes germs without hurting the bristles.
  3. Brush cleansers- Another quick fix to brush hardening is a simple swipe with brush cleanser. Spending on a brush cleanser is worth it as it helps to prevent bacteria build-up, which can lead to eye problems. There are numerous brush cleansing brands made specifically for cleansing your makeup essential tools. You can pick one of the choices that you think can work well to relieve brush stiffening. Cleansing not only softens the bristles but also make them smell fabulous.
  4. A simple trick- Wet the bristles with lukewarm water. Place a drop of your favourite face wash into the palm. Make sure your hands are clean. Gently massage the tips of your liner brush in your palm, rub them thoroughly until you get a good lather. Rinse them thoroughly with water. Squeeze out the excess water and lay them on a towel. Allow them to dry and get them in their correct shapes.

No doubt frequent cleansing can help maintain the softness of your liner brushes and extend the life of your brushes, but there are signs you should not ignore when it comes to determining that they are miserably failing in doing their jobs. It’s time to replace your old eyeliner brush with a new one when you find the bristles begin to shed or lose their shape. A right tool is essential to get the look you want, so it is necessary to look for those signs that indicate a change. Even when your brushes become pinched or squashes, they will not be capable of doing their duty.

According to dermatologists and makeup experts, cleaning makeup brushes twice a week is essential to prevent product build-up. Liner brushes are used around your eyes, the cleaner they are better for your eye’s health. Many of us are lenient with our eyeliner brushes. However, brushes used on our face should be cleaned once a week. Regular cleansings not only help to keep your eyes and skin healthy but also extend the life of the bristles. Application with a dirty brush can make your use spotty and uneven.