Tretinoin Cream Over the Counter

Tretinoin Cream Over the Counter

Tretinoin minimizes the appearance of fine lines, improves skin’s elasticity, slow the breakdown of collagen, and reduces the appearance of dark spots caused by sun exposure. It’s never too late to use a Tretinoin formulation.

Which Tretinoin formulation is right for you?

In the world of skin, there is a variety of over the counter and prescription skin care products available. One such popular skin care product is Tretinoin, a highly potent version of vitamin A, which has the potential to increase skin cell function, reduces acne, and wrinkles. The active ingredient can work like a miracle on your skin type. There are tons of advantage of a prescription Tretinoin even for those who are concerned about even a little brown spot on their face.

Retinoids in prescription Tretinoin are vitamin A derivatives that contain retinoid acid in the pure form. When applied to the skin, the body uses the retinoic acid directly to encourage collagen production, increase cell turnover, improve complexion, and unclog pores. Retinoic acid interferes with the skin cells to boost their function. A tretinoin formulation packed with a wide range of skin benefits from acne to anti-aging problems.

Most of the OTC tretinoin cream contains retinol which is not a pure form of vitamin A. So when applied to the skin, Vitamin A broke down into retinoic acid which then interferes with boosting their function. Remember the amount of vitamin A in an OTC preparation is not the same as the amount of retinoid acid your skin will receive.

Prescription formulations are the best way to start. Dermatologists believed that these are twenty times stronger than over the counter varieties. Because the formulation is applied directly into the skin and doesn’t lose effectiveness through the conversions like over the counter retinoids do. Several OTC retinoids such as retinol are available, but they are not as strong and effective in reducing wrinkles and acne as Tretinoin.

The topical prescription treatment labeled as tretinoin found in a variety of formulations including A Ret gel, Tretinoin cream, Retino AC gel, Retino A cream etc. According to experts, the higher levels of retinoids in a Tretinoin may provide a quicker benefit, but at the same time, the user may experience redness dry skin, peeling of the skin as the common side effects of topical preparation. The formulation is sensitive to heat, and light. So, make sure you keep it at a secure place to keep it as fresh and effective.


Using a Tretinoin cream without a prescription can be dangerous and can cause numerous side effects. However, using prescription Tretinoin can be very helpful for some individuals. With a prescription tretinoin cream, one might notice brighter, smoother, and more even skin tone in as early as 6 to 8 weeks. It is highly effective in reducing the effects of sun damage. Tretinoin can be used with a good quality moisturizer for preventing dryness and additional skin smoothing effects. When using it, make sure you follow the directions of your dermatologist.