How Long Careprost Bimatoprost Is Good Once Opened

Careprost usage

Long, luscious lashes, is a desire of every human being especially women. Mascara, false eyelashes, lashes extension, are a just temporary solution but if you want a permanent solution that naturally grows your lashes longer, darker, and thicker is also possible now.

It is the time to fulfil your desire for beautiful eyes with careprost eye drops.

Beautify Eyes

Eyes are the most expressive human organs. They not only express your feeling of joy when you are happy but also protect you from dust, and foreign particles from entering the eyes. Unfortunately, some women suffer from falling of eyelashes due to certain medical conditions while some are not born with gorgeous lashes. For such women, Careprost eye drops are available which will solve the problem of short and thin lashes by making them longer, darker, and thicker.

Benefits of using Careprost

Careprost is an outstanding ophthalmic solution for the treatment of hypotrichosis (inadequate eyelashes). It is extremely effective in enhancing the growth of eyelashes. The eye drops are extremely beneficial in lengthening and darkening the eyelashes, thereby enhancing the beauty of your eyes. The eyelash serum resolves the issue of scanty and sparse eyelashes and makes them look darker and fuller. The ophthalmic preparation contains Bimatoprost as the main active ingredient, which functions by enhancing the growth (anagen) phase of the hair follicle cycle of eyelashes. It darkens the lash strands by enhancing melanogenesis.

Carepros eye drops are also used to treat open-angle glaucoma. It decreases the intraocular pressure by decreasing the drainage of the aqueous humor of the eyes.

Tips: How long Careprost is good once opened

Careprost eye drop comes in a small plastic vial with a twist of caps.  Add careprost eye drop in your daily routine; you need to apply the solution once a day, just put a drop into the cap of the bottle and dip the very thin eyeliner brush into it and draw a line along with the lash line. Use it for at least 16 weeks to achieve long and thick lashes. After this, reduce the application to 2 to 3 times a week for maintenance. Using it for more than once a day would not accelerate your eyelash growth. One bottle of careprost will last for around five weeks if used regularly once a day. To reach the desired effects or for full 16-week treatment, you will require three bottles.

All careprost bottles have expiration date mentioned in them, no matter if opened or closed. It should not be used after the date. It is not necessary to keep the little container in the refrigerator, as this will not extend the lifespan of the ophthalmic solution. Buy careprost online from cosmeticsandyou at affordable price