Acne Cream for Scar Treatment

Acne Cream for Scar Treatment

Hydroquinone and kojic acid are the two most popular therapeutic agents used in most skin lightening products. Read to know more about these wonder ingredients used for post-breakout marks.

Acne marks can be one of the peskiest skin issues one can experience post breakouts. The right skincare product is the first defence against those stubborn marks. A good lightening formulation like Hydroquinone can help improve the skin’s appearance. When discussing the treatment of scar treatment, Hydroquinone has been the treatment of choice for many years. You can find this therapeutic ingredient in various over the counter as well as prescription topical formulations.  

Acne Marks

Acne marks are common, and most people with acne vulgaris have some degrees of it. More inflamed acne, the larger and darker the acne spot it leaves behind. Picking or popping a pimple increases the chance of developing acne marks just because you are increasing inflammation.

Treatment Options

Over the counter, skin care products can help fade those obnoxious marks. For deeper ones, those who have been disturbing you for a long time, using a prescription formulation is a wise decision. Based on the severity of your acne spots, your dermatologist can prescribe you a wide variety of products that can do the trick. It is also important to know that it can beat acne and you will stop developing acne spots. Whatever is your choice of treatment, understand that seeing noticeable changes in acne scars takes considerable time.

Hydroquinone for Post-Breakout Marks

Hydroquinone is used worldwide to reduce post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. The therapeutic agent is believed to block the activity of the enzyme that is responsible for the production of melanin, thereby lightening the complexion.

Hydroquinone is believed to interact with melanocytes, the melanin-producing cells in the skin, decreasing pigment production. It is one of the active therapeutic agents at lightening dark spots on the skin.

Hydroquinone is the topical skincare treatment for acne scars, age spots, freckles, and sunspots. When used in combination with another acne cream like Tretinoin, Hydroquinone Melalite can dramatically improve the appearance of the skin, making it lighter than ever. However, the effects are not permanent, and with discontinued used, it can lead to the return of dark spots. In addition, exposure to the sun can lead to renewed production of melanin pigment. Also, don’t expect an overnight improvement in your acne scars and sunspots; it may take several weeks to see a noticeable improvement in your skin. One should understand that the treatment takes time to reduce melanin production. The therapeutic agent works at a cellular level, leading to the shedding of old skin cells and production of new skin cells, decreasing the amount of melanin which in turn helps to achieve an even skin tone.

An alternative way to fight Acne Scars

Another method for keeping away the acne scars is Kojic acid. Individuals considering scar therapy should first consult their dermatologist before deciding to use it. Like Hydroquinone, Kojic acid can lighten acne scars and other dark spots, improving the appearance of skin. Its effectiveness is just limited to the dark pigment of scars, and it should not be used for other skin purposes.

Kojic acid is widely used as a therapeutic agent in skin lightening products. All thanks to its ability to interfere with melanin production. Individuals with acne-prone skin who wish to apply a kojic acid formulation to their dark acne spots may worry about acne breakouts, but in the case of kojic acid cream, there is no need to take caution because the therapeutic agent is also an antibacterial agent which can be used to treat acne. However, like other therapeutic ingredients, skin sensitivities are there and may range from person to person. Generally, it is believed that kojic acid is a treatment for acne scars and can also be applied to unhealed acne to get rid of it.

Kojic Acid- A multipurpose product

As mentioned above, Kojic acid also has antimicrobial properties, and it interferes with the growth of bacteria. It also has exfoliating abilities that work gently to slough the skin’s surface. Its regular use promotes greater cell turnover that leads to clearer pores and decreases breakouts. Because of its various benefits, Kojic acid could be considered a wonder product. It can be a less irritating alternative than other skin lightening agents available in the cosmetic industry.

Benefits of Kojic Acid

Using a skincare product like Kojic acid has several benefits:

•    Reduces Hyperpigmentation and fades Acne Marks

Hyperpigmentation due to excessive sun exposure, acne scars, and freckles on your skin can be reduced by applying kojic acid on the uneven skin can help lighten the acne scars and dark spots, leaving clear skin. The product has an overall whitening effect on your skin. It can also be prescribed to people with melasma successfully without irritating your skin.

•    Reduces Acne

The antibacterial properties of kojic acid are effective against certain strains of bacteria and can inhibit the growth even when using in small concentrations. However, it is not active in reducing the severity of all acnes.

•    Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

It can be exciting for many people that kojic acid products also reduces wrinkles and signs of ageing. The therapeutic ingredient is extremely effective in inhibiting the action of tyrosinase, which is behind melanin production and the process of skin ageing.


Both Melalite and kojic acid are equally effective. Clinical trials of both skins brighten the skin of users experience equal pigmentation and correcting benefits from both the therapeutic agents. When using these products, always stick to the instructions given by your dermatologist. In case you notice any rash or irritation in your skin after using any of these products, do not ignore it. Discontinue treatment and visit your dermatologist. You can buy A ret gel online from premiumrxdrugs at an affordable price