Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution 0.03 For Eyelash Growth

Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution 0.03 For Eyelash Growth

Can a swipe of ophthalmic solution give you longer and fuller eyelashes? If you are dreaming of doll-like lashes, but don’t find falsies and eyelash extensions in your list of options, you may want to consider an eyelash enhancing solution. But what exactly these treatments are and what they do? Read on to discover the most effective and cheaper eyelash growth solution available in the market. 

Bimatoprost- An advanced formula for the growth of lashes

There are several eyelash enhancer serums available in the market and not all eyelash solutions are created equal, and they won’t cause them to grow genuinely. To find one that will do the trick, you need to search the ingredient lists for one made with Bimatoprost, a prostaglandin which causes hair growth. Bimatoprost is one such ingredient which might make your lashes look fuller and longer by creating more hair follicles during the hair growth cycle.

Eyelashes have the impressive abilities to transform your look. To attain longer, thicker, and darker eyelashes, many out of you have likely reached for false eyelashes at some point. But be honest, these are a pain to apply and don’t always look natural. It is rare for the same medicinal ingredient to be used for both medicinal and cosmetic purposes, but Bimatoprost 0.03% eye drops perform double duty. Yes, in addition to treating glaucoma (an eye condition), it is applied on the upper lashes to grow and thicken eyelashes. Increased lash growth has been observed as a side effect of the drug. The product is equally effective in improving both the conditions, but is it safe?

Comes with an excellent safety profile

Bimatoprost, the clinically tested is safe for adults. You must remember to follow the usage instructions as specified if you want to lower the risk of any unwanted effects. With proper usage, you can achieve the desired results. As an eye drop medication, Bimatoprost is used to treat people with glaucoma, a group of diseases the optic nerves in the eyes and can result in blindness. It treats glaucoma by relieving the pressure inside the eye. With long term usage, a Bimatoprost formulation may cause lasting brown discoloration of the iris. When used as an eyelash grower, Bimatoprost functions differently.  When it comes to growing eyelashes, the effect is believed to be related to a prolongation of the anagen or growth phase of the hair follicle cycle. According to research studies, this may lead to an increase in the thickness and darkness of the eyelashes.

Long Lashes with Bimatoprost

One of the most popular and cheap brands is Careprost, and it is a clinically tested Bimatoprost product which is applied to the upper eyelashes once daily to achieve desired growth and thickness. Before application, wash your hands and face, to remove makeup and dirt. The formulation is used once nightly and is applied on upper lashes with a single-use applicator. The solution may spread to lower lashes as you blink and keep in mind that the primary effect will be on upper eyelashes. Do not panic if the medication gets into your eye as it is an approved treatment for glaucoma and is unlikely to cause any damage.

The Working Mechanism of Bimatoprost

Eyelashes grow from hair follicles present in our eyelids. Similarly, to the follicles on our head, eyelash hair follicles go through a cycle of growth and rest. Approximately 90% 100 to 200 of your eyelash follicles are in the growth phase. A Bimatoprost formulation extends the time the follicles stay in the growth phase, thereby enhancing eyelash growth and thickness. In addition, there is more hair follicle in the anagen phase at the same time, so this way, you get more lash strands to grow.  It may take up to 12 to 16 weeks for noticeable results.

Within the sixth week of the topical usage, obvious enhancement in the eyelash occurred. Various research studies revealed the difference in the lash length and thickness on the upper eyelids in people who have used a Bimatoprost.

Side Effects can disappear

Such products are not entirely without risk. While Bimatoprost side effects are permanent, when used to grow eyelashes, they can go away with discontinuation of the product. Users may experience eyelid itching dry eye, bloodshot eyes, and eyelid darkening. Swelling of the eye and eyelid, as well as some allergic reactions, are also possible. More serious but rare reactions include increased eyelash growth in the corner of the eyes as well as the growth of eyebrows if the solution touches them. Report any eye pain, vision changes, or infection to your ophthalmologist.  If you wear contact lenses and wish to use a Bimatoprost solution, you should know that your contacts can absorb the formulation. So be sure to remove your contacts before you apply the solution and wait for 15 minutes before putting them back.