Best Skin Lightening Cream for Hyperpigmentation

Best Skin Lightening Cream for Hyperpigmentation

With the increased options for a range of skin whitening treatments available worldwide, it has become easier to achieve the lost glow. From cosmetic products to prescription lightening treatments, there are different ways to brighten the skin tone. Read to discover more about the best skin lightening treatments, types, and more.

What is Skin Lightening Treatment? 

Most topical skin lightening treatments available in the market aims to reduce the excessive melanin production in the skin. Since the excess amount is responsible for causing brown spots, uneven skin tone, etc., a reducing in this pigment production improves your complexion and restore your lost glow. A skin lightening cream is extremely beneficial in treating skin conditions like melasma, sunspots, freckles, and other types of dark spots. 

A topical skin lightening ingredients are typically the melanin reducing agents prescribed to clear excess melanin in the skin. They work by blocking the activity of tyrosinase enzyme, which is necessary for melanin production. 

An effective Skin lightening treatment option- Topical Hydroquinone

Beauty salons cater to the enormous demand for skin lightening treatments by offerings service like bleaching and facials that claims to reduce tanning. However, these skin whitening packages deliver temporary results and unable to restore your complexion. The efficacy of these temporary options is also not scientifically proven. Therefore, it is best to take advise from a skin care specialist about skin brightening treatments, which are safe and effective at the same time.  Hydroquinone is one such ingredient that can be used to treat a variety of discoloration related conditions. It is a skin whitening agent that extremely beneficial in reducing melanin pigment, which is responsible for the color of our skin. When applied topically on the pigmented affected area of the skin can cause it to lighten in color. Many people worldwide have been using Hydroquinone as a scar treatment. Its regular application can cause brown spots, age spots, sunspots, and other dark spots to lose their extra pigmentation, causing them to occur lighter in appearance and ultimately match the color of the surrounding skin.  It is extremely beneficial for treating skin hyperpigmentation caused by essive sun exposure or spending too much time in the UV rays.

Topical hydroquinone creams are available as a prescription medication to treat pigmentation-related skin conditions. One can buy a hydroquinone formulation in different strengths to address different degrees of hyperpigmented related conditions.

How does Hydroquinone work for Hyperpigmentation?

Hydroquinone is one of the most effective topical treatments when it comes to reducing the appearance of hyperpigmentation. The ingredient has been thoroughly tested in numerous studies, almost all of which show that it works effectively in lowering pigment and even out the darkened spots like age spots and sunspots that hyperpigmentation causes. Many studies revealed that application of Hydroquinone containing products like Melalite or Melamet led to sustained improvements in skin colouration in people with Hyperpigment related conditions. for better results, the treatment should be continued to reduce the amount of skin discolouration caused by Hyperpigmentation. For most people, it produces noticeable improvements within eight to 12 weeks of consistent use, although some might see significant changes in their skin tone sooner. However, Hydroquinone does not guarantee to treat pigmented related conditions completely on its own. For more severe cases, a dermatologist may recommend using it with a topical formulation effective in treating dark patches associated with hyperpigmentation.

How to use a Hydroquinone formulation to get rid of Hyperpigmentation?

If you have been prescribed Hydroquinone, the best approach to get the best results is to follow the usage instructions offered by your dermatologist.  Application is very simple. It is always a good idea to test yourself for sensitivity before you begin using a Hydroquinone regularly. For testing your hydroquinone formulation, apply a small amount on the affected area, then check for itchiness and redness. Over the next 12 to 24 hours. If you feel the preparation is well tolerable and you don’t experience any itching, redness, or burning sensation, you can begin the treatment under the guidance of a dermatologist. Follow the instructions below while using the cream:

  1. Before applying Melalite or Melamet, clean the hyperpigmented skin with mild soap or water. Be sure to apply the formulation on the dry surface.
  2. Take a pea size amount and spread evenly on the hyperpigmentation affected skin; it is enough cream to cover the affected area. Be cautious during the application; make sure you do not apply the cream any pigmented skin as it can potentially lighten its color.
  3. Do not forget to wash your hands after applying the Hydroquinone cream. Wait for at least 15 minutes before applying makeup, moisturizers, sunscreen or any other cosmetic product.
  4. take care while applying the formulation near the nose, eye s, and mouth. If your affected skin is close to these areas, use a cotton swab to apply the cream.