Eyelash Growth Serum That Works

Eyelash Growth Serum That Works

We have heard many times that eyes speak even unsaid words, it is actually true. People with dense, attractive, and bold eyelashes are especially known for their this quality to speak unsaid words with their mesmerizing eyes. Almost all women wish and desire to have long, lush lashes, and most women are not blessed with this natural beauty. But thanks to technology who made such products that help us in beautifying our eyelashes. The market is fully loaded with eyelash enhancer products and one can simply apply them to get gorgeous eye looks.

Among many eyelash enhancer products, the mascara does the trick for you, but its results are temporary and at the same time it might cause eye allergy too when applied regularly. To be safer side, you might like considering to incorporate a lash growth serum in your beauty regimen to promote the natural growth of your eyelashes. There are so many eyelash serums available in the market, but you can’t just try all of them to get the result. Looking from the safety point of view, we should only consider products that are authentic and result-oriented. Most women like shopping product that is pocket-friendly, result-oriented, and easy to apply. Marked is loaded with eyelash growth serums that work. The best eyelash serums include Careprost, Bimat, Careprost Plus. These products are proven effective when followed by the right techniques and suggested duration.   

Eyelash Growth Serum that does Wonders :

Stop dreaming about long eyelashes, simply buy eyelash serum and fulfill your dream. For fulfilling your dream, you all need to buy a good quality eyelash serum that gives natural strength to your lash to achieve the desired length of your lashes. As stated above, here are the 3 best eyelash serums that can do wonders to achieve fuller and longer eyelashes.

Careprost – Careprost is a well-known product in the cosmetic market for its excellent results. Careprost is a clinically tested topical ophthalmic solution approved by dermatologists for growing long and thicker eyelashes naturally. It is one of the most popular lash serums among various eyelash enhancer products. As per dermatologists, this eyelash serum is a safe product for all skin types. It lengthens the growth phase of eyelashes naturally. Apply this serum once a day (especially before going to bed) for a minimum of 12 months to get the desired results. You can find this amazing eyelash serum online with great deals.

Careprost Plus – Careprost Plus is another eyelash growth serum that works efficiently in treating people with sparse eyelashes. Many brands release formulations that claim to boost eyelash growth but not all of them work effectively. Careprost bimatoprost Plus is effective enough to provide the desired results as it contains the right active ingredient that promotes lash length and improves their appearance by making them darker and fuller.

Bimat Serum – Bimat is also a choice for many people who have inadequate lashes. This serum helps you attain dense and long eyelashes that add beauty to every women’s eye. Bimat works by making your thin and short eyelashes strands longer and denser.

How Does Eyelash Growth Serum Works?

We should consider effective and powerful formulas to attain natural results. Bimatoprost is one such formula that is capable enough to accelerate lash growth. According to studies, any lash formula must contain Bimatoprost ( it is a prostaglandin analogue) that promotes lashes to grow thicker and longer by stimulating the eyelash follicles. This is one such formula that is used for both medicinal and cosmetic purposes.

Bimatoprost is the main active ingredient that is found in all three products i.e. Careprost, Careprost Plus, and Bimat. Bimatoprost was primarily used as a medicine to treat glaucoma conditions, and people notice their increased lash length as a side effect of this preparation. Looking at the side effects of Bimatoprost .03%, ophthalmologists started recommending this formula for achieving lash length. Prescription is required to use Bimatoprost for treating glaucoma conditions.  Bimatoprost thickens, lengthens, and darkens eyelashes via a mechanism that is still not understood.

It is believed that like our hair, our eyelashes grow and fall out. To achieve longer eyelashes naturally, apply a serum that contains Bimatoprost as an active ingredient.

Application Method :

  • Wash your hands and face with clear water.
  • Careprost (Bimatoprost) is used once nightly before going to bed.
  • Apply the serum on the roots of the upper lashes with the help of an applicator or eyeliner brush. Note that the product is meant to be used on the upper lash line only, so do not apply it on the lower lash because the solution may automatically spread to the lower lash line when you blink your eye. Do not worry if a drop gets into your eyes while applying the solution, this serum is a prescription treatment for glaucoma and is unlikely to cause any damage.
  • Apply the solution regularly for 8 to 12 weeks to see the desired lash length. Your lash length will gradually return to its actual state when you discontinue the application. Therefore, to maintain the required length using Careprost thrice a week even after completing the course is recommended. You can buy careprost online from cosmeticsandyou at an affordable price in the USA.