Generic Vaniqa Eflornithine Cream

Generic Vaniqa Eflornithine Cream

Eflora cream is a prescription product formulated to treat facial hirsutism in women with reproductive age.

What is Eflornithine?

A few little strands on your chin or under the area of your lips are easy to pluck or wax, but if you have an excessive amount of hair, you may be looking out for a more powerful solution. Facial hirsutism or unwanted hair growth can be caused by several factors including hormonal imbalances, polycystic ovarian syndrome, use of certain medication, or just genetics. No matter what’s the reason is, what is more, important is how to get rid of the unwanted facial hair growth. Among a variety of topical treatments for the reduction of facial hair growth, Vaniqa is a product that comes with the active ingredient Eflornithine to reduce the growth of unwanted facial hairs in women. Eflornithine targets the hair follicles to reduce unwanted facial hair growth. Facial hirsutism is a matter of concern for most of the woman who deals with it and can lead to significant anxiety and lack of self-confidence. The hair growth inhibitory activities of Eflornithine significantly increased when used regularly along with other means of hair removal measures, including threading and waxing. Eflora is a generic of Vaniqa Eflornithine cream, which is equally effective in slowing down the growth of facial hair growth in women. Remember that both Eflora and the generic version does not remove hair permanently.

Facts about Eflora Cream

Eflora cream is a skin cream that can be applied to gain control over your facial hair growth. Usage should be limited to the face and areas under the chin of an affected ladies. The formulation penetrates to the base of the hair follicle to reduce the growth of new hair. The product works at the growth stage of the hair cycle by interfering with an enzyme that is responsible for hair growth. This slowed down the growth and improved the appearance where Eflornithine is applied. The cream should be used on the face only as it has been proven effective for face skin only.

Usage Limitations

Before you start the treatment for hair growth reduction, read the instructions carefully that you are provided with. This will help you aware of all the necessary measures that need to be taken before or while applying the solution. This includes information about Eflornithine cream and will provide an idea about side effects which you may experience from using it. If you have just used other means of measures to remove hair than prefer waiting for at least five to ten minutes before applying Eflora cream. This will help reduce the burning or stinging sensation associated with other means of hair removal such as shaving, waxing or threading.  Consider applying facial hair growth solution twice daily to the affected areas of the face. One should leave a gap of at least eight hours between two applications of the preparation. Apply a thin layer of formulation and rub it gently until it penetrates entirely into the skin and you will see no longer see cream traces on your face. Try not to get the medicated cream into your eyes, nose, or mouth as it may cause itching and irritation. In any situation, if it happens, immediately rinse away the part that comes in contact with the medication.

How to get most out from Eflora Cream?

Generic Vaniqa is not a depilatory cream, so it needs to be used with other usual hair removal measures. The typical ways to remove unwanted facial hair are plucking, shaving, threading, waxing, electrolysis, and laser treatments (A rare method). You can take the help of a skin care expert who can advise you which one is suitable for you to use alongside Eflora cream. If you wish to wear makeup after treating with Eflornithine, you must wait for at least 5 to 10 minutes after applying the hair removal cream. To get the best-desired results, it is important to use the cream regularly. It may take up to eight weeks to see the visible improvement in the appearance of hair growth. If you find absolutely no difference in your facial hair growth, please talk to your skin care specialist who will review your treatment and advise you further. The topical formulation should not be used by men or by girls under 18 years of age.

Can Generic Vaniqa cause Side effects?

Along with beneficial effects, A medicated formulation can cause unwanted side effects in some people who use it; however, not everyone experiences them. Some of the most common side effects associated with Eflornithine cream are skin irritation, dryness, itchiness, redness, and acne. You will find the full list from your skin care specialist or dermatologist. In many cases, unwanted effects often improve as their body begin adjusting to the new medicine. In case any of them which are highlighted above persists or become troublesome, speak to your dermatologist.

What’s to know more about Eflornithine?

A permanent hair removal solution like laser treatment, and electrolysis, which can result in the permanent reduction of unwanted facial hair, Eflornithine formulation is not going to provide lasting results. Unlike these permanent options, Eflora is only effective while you are using it, once you stop using it, the growth will be back again. The topical treatment works quickly; it takes from 2 to 4 months to take the effects. However, like waxing, plucking, Vaniqa will not remove hair immediately as it does not have depilatory effects. The medicated exhibits its action on a follicular level to offer a significant reduction in facial hair growth. Before starting this treatment, you should see a dermatologist understand or get aware of the possible unwanted effects of the medicine. Your skin care specialist or dermatologist may order tests to determine why you get affected with facial hirsutism, and he/she may prescribe you other treatments as well that may include tablets or capsules to diminish the hair growth.