Hair Growth Reduction Cream

Hair Growth Reduction Cream

Eflornithine cream is a prescription cream that does not remove the hair but acts to reduce the rate of growth and appears to be extremely beneficial for women with unwanted facial hair growth.

One of the most embarrassing things for a woman is to have excessive facial hair growth. The condition of excessive growth is often called hirsutism, which is caused by the overproduction of androgens. Genetics determine how likely a person can have unwanted facial hair growth.

Eflornithine for Inhibiting Facial Hair Growth

More women than you think have to deal with the frustration that comes with removing facial hair at least once a week. Decades back, shaving was the only option for women, which has many downsides. But ladies, out there, shaving is the worst mistake you can make because give rise to stubble. The worst thing than facial hair is facial stubble, so switch to other options like waxing and prescription hair removal cream as an alternative.

Nowadays, many women are turning their heads to other hair removal options like waxing because it is last longer and gentle on your tiny facial hairs.

However, there is no cure for facial hirsutism, but there is a way to reduce facial hair growth, prevent stubble, and keep your hair soft. The only effective medicinal component on the market that will reduce excessive facial growth is Eflornithine. It is a pharmaceutical ingredient in Eflora cream and Vaniqa that reduce facial hair growth and allow you to liver hair free for more extended periods. Eflornithine is the active ingredient that works by blocking the natural production of a chemical that is required for hair growth. Eflora is a prescription treatment for excessive facial hair growth that requires a dermatologist’s prescription. The product is well tested, and customer verified for reducing facial hair growth in women. Consult a dermatologist for a good, long term, and clinically approved solution like Vaniqa or Eflora cream for hair growth reduction.

Choose brand Eflora

Eflora is a prescription cream that should only be used under the guidance of dermatologist or a skin care expert. The topical treatment should only be applied on the face skin where there is excessive hair growth. These may include cheeks, upper lips, or under the chin area. The hair removal cream can be applied by women ages 18 years old and older. For an unknown reason, the product does not work for everyone. A skin care expert’s consultation is extremely important before starting the treatment.

This medication is not a depilatory but instead appears to delay hair growth to improve the condition called facial hirsutism. Stop shaving your facial hairs and start getting facial waxes at a side way to remove excessive hair growth.  While undergoing this hair removal treatment, one must need to continue using other hair removal means like plucking or waxing in conjunction. It will usually take up to two months to see visible improvement in facial hair growth.  If you stop using Eflora cream, your hair growth may return within just two months of stopping this medication. Eflornithine, the active ingredient inhibits the activity of ornithine decarboxylase, an enzyme that has been observed to affect hair growth. The drug is astonishingly effective in reducing facial hair growth.

Usage instruction for Eflora topical hair inhibitor

Usually, Eflora cream is applied twice daily and should be rubbed and spread gently over the areas of increased hair growth, usually the upper lip portion and under the chin area. The product is not meant to use on other body parts, as it is unlikely to be effective in other areas. Be patient while using the cream as it takes time to work. Improvement may be seen after eight weeks of continuous use and hair growth reduction may be visible within four months. If after four months, there is no improvement, Eflornithine treatment should be discontinued.

Eflornithine does not make your facial hairs to fall; instead, it works to slow down the growth of new hair. This is the reason why there is a need for simultaneous use of other means of hair removal at the same time. The product is only effective if its use is continued. The effects immediately wear off once it is stopped. An Eflornithine treatment does not replace other prescription medicine oral tablets, and these should not be stopped without discussing with your skin care provider.


Don’t let your facial hair ruin your professional and personal life. Accept it, it’s a reality, but it doesn’t have to be noticeable or even visible. You have the power to let them go unnoticed, Buy Eflora cream, the best and effective facial hair growth reducing solution that allows to you have softer skin and hair free for more extended periods.