How to use Tazarotene Gel for Wrinkles

Tazarotene Gel for Wrinkles

Tazarotene gel is a topical retinoid. Retinoids help to thin the outer dead cell layer of skin, giving the skin a glow or shining appearance. Retinoids also increase the collagen content in the dermis, thus minimizing wrinkles and fine lines. Tazarotene gel works best for treating and possibly preventing forehead wrinkles. Although Tazarotene  may give you improvement if the wrinkles on your forehead are not so deep, it works great on fine lines such as those under the eyes.

Tazarotene gel acts similar to retinoid treatments when fighting against wrinkles, meaning it penetrates the skin and encourages the collagen production, giving your skin improved structure and reducing the appearance of fine lines. Tazarotene also encourages skin exfoliation, which helps to reduce the amount of dead skin cells on the face, giving it a more rejuvenated appearance. Other beneficial effects of using this gel include reduction of skin oiliness, blackheads, acne, and psoriasis.

Tazarotene gel is a product that was developed initially to treat acne. This gel not only helps in decreasing the acne scars, but it also smoothes out their fine lines and wrinkles as well. Tazarotene significantly improved the appearance of fine wrinkles and hyperpigmentation in as little as two-three weeks.

Best way to use Tazarotene gel for wrinkles

  • Cleanse your entire face with lukewarm water and a gentle cleanser. Gently dry your face with a towel. Do not use medicated cleansers or alcohol-based toners while you use Tazarotene gel.
  • Apply a thin layer of a mild moisturizer to your face and neck. It will protect your skin from any irritation that Tazarotene gel may cause. Do not use any moisturizer that contains other anti-aging medications such as, alpha hydroxy or salicylic acids.
  • Dispense a pea-sized amount of Tazarotene onto your fingertips and gently apply it onto the areas of your face affected by those fine wrinkles. Do not apply this gel to your entire face.
  • Apply Tazarotene gel only once a day before you go to sleep. Do not apply more than a green pea-sized amount or you will greatly increase the risk of side effects and irritation.
  • In the morning, wash your entire face with the same gentle cleanser you used earlier. Pat your face dry and apply a mild moisturizer with sunscreen to your entire face and neck.
  • Tazarotene gel has a tendency to make the skin more sensitive to the sun, so don’t forget to apply at least SPF 15 when you plan to go outside.


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