Careprost Eyelash Serum: An Overview

Have you ever seen someone with long and thick eyelashes and wish you could have the same?

Bold and beautiful eyes are incomplete if you don’t have long and thick eyelashes. Now the secret has been revealed, check out lash serums. Yes, did you know you can naturally get long and luscious lashes? Eyelash serum is one such remedy that helps increase lash length, making them look fuller than they were ever before.

Who does not fantasize about a fuller set of lashes? Almost each one of us. Some of us go to the extent of buying falsies and even undergoing lash extension treatment to experience what it feels like to have longer eyelashes.

If we say you no longer need to rely on such temporary solutions to achieve ideal lashes, you can now get the long and beautiful set of eyelashes naturally in just a few weeks.

What is Careprost?

Enriched with eyelash enhancing properties, Careprost eyelash serum is a one-stop solution to get naturally thick and long eyelashes. The results obtained from using the lash-enhancing formula are just phenomenal.

Careprost is all in one, a great product to get gorgeous eyelashes in lesser time. Careprost containing Bimatoprost is proven to be an effective option; it is the only FDA approved treatment to make eyelashes grow naturally. It can extend the anagen phase (growth phase of the hair follicle cycle). The eyelash treatment’s key ingredient, Bimatoprost introduced in glaucoma medicine to reduce pressure within the eye. In clinical trials, patients noticed that one of the glaucoma medicine’s adverse effects was longer, thicker, and darker eyelashes. And this is how the cosmetic benefit of the pharmaceutical agent was discovered. But since, it is a pharmaceutical agent, the best and safe way to get your hands on it is with a doctor’s prescription. 

Though extremely effective in inducing lash growth, it comes with certain warnings. You need to apply the ophthalmic solution every night before going to bed religiously, and be sure to do it right at the upper lash line. The easiest way to apply the solution is to use the applicator, starting on the inner corner working towards the outer side. Do not apply the lash serum to your eye or the lower lid. Make sure you only use the sterile applicators supplied with Careprost eye drop to apply the product. It can take several weeks to months to notice a visible improvement. In a clinical study, about half of the patients treated with Careprost saw significant improvement in just two months of regular usage. If this solution gets into your eyes, it is not expected to cause harm. Do rinse your eyes immediately to avoid any eye irritation. One of the common side effects of Bimatoprost solution is discolouration on the eyelids and the iris.

It is always good to check with your health care expert to determine the best eye beauty treatment for you. They will help you get the best eyelash solution that fits your condition.


Long & luscious eyelashes enhance the overall beauty, and therefore it is desired by most women. Until recently, the option available to augment the prominence eyelashes were limited to eye makeup, falsies, and eyelash transplantation. Originally approved for ocular hypertension treatment, the prostaglandin analogue, Bimatoprost, now has approval for treating hypotrichosis. Careprost .03% containing Bimatoprost is widely used as a therapy for hypotrichosis used to grow eyelashes, making them darker, longer, and thicker. The product is extremely effective for those with inadequate or not enough eyelashes. Regular application can grow eyelashes, making them longer, darker, and thicker.