Careprost Myths and Facts

Are you considering Careprost to grow your lashes naturally? Don’t be put off by the myths surrounding this effective and popular eyelash growth solution. This guide will help you know the facts to decide about this eyelash growth serum.

The cosmetic industry boosted when the Careprost bimatoprost eye drops showed a surprising side effect. Many users reported having long and fuller eyelashes. Manufacturers took the active component of the medicine causing the growth, prostaglandin analogue (Bimatoprost), and it got approval for eyelash growth. Bimatoprost is also a generic version of Careprost. You use an applicator to draw the solution along your upper lash line. This way, only a small amount of the product gets close to your eye, lowering the chance of adverse reactions. Some people still have side effects, including red-eye, itchy or dry eyes, darkening of the eyelid, eyelid swelling, brown pigmentation in the eye’s iris, and allergic reaction.

  1. Myth: using Careprost can harm your eyes.

Originally Careprost Bimatoprost ophthalmic solution was designed for people with eye diseases-Glaucoma with increased pressure within the eye. The active component Bimatoprost reduces this pressure and treats glaucoma; therefore, it doesn’t harm the eyes if it accidentally gets into the eye. Clinical trials conducted by various research groups have shown that regular usage of this product can increase the length volume and make them darker than before.

  • Myth: Your eyes will change colour.

You may have heard that Careprost will darken your eye colour. The truth is that the risk is incredibly low. The risk is primarily associated with the other users of the active ingredient Bimatoprost. The active ingredient present in the Careprost is Bimatoprost, which is used directly in the eye for glaucoma, where it can sometimes cause discolouration (brown colour) of the iris. You are applying far less of the product for eyelash growth and concentrating on the lash line, not the eye’s surface.  

  • Myth: Hair growth occurs on your face.

Hair growth appears on your skin that Careprost frequently touches. This is one of the reasons why some people prefer to use the solution to encourage growth on their eyebrows. You can avoid the side effect by applying the product as directed. If unwanted growth occurs, don’t be panic as it should be very fine and almost unnoticeable, and it will likely disappear when you discontinue using the product.  

  • Myth: Extension is better.

Professional eye growth solutions are often touted as safer and more convenient alternatives to Careprost. However, they give temporary results and are certainly come with their fair share of drawbacks worth considering. Professional services such as eyelash lifts and extensions can cause infection, irritation, and temporary eyelash loss. One also need to book follow up appointments every few weeks to maintain the desired length. In the long run, these options are more inconvenient and expensive.  

Play it safe with Careprost

If you are thinking about trying Careprost for eyelash growth:

  • Check with your health care specialist if you are already receiving treatment for glaucoma. These ophthalmic preparations you are using may trigger Bimatoprost’s side effects.
  • Avoid applying the product if you have eye problems like macular oedema, conjunctivitis, and uveitis.
  • Do not use the applicator brush more than once. Also, do not let the tip of the bottle touch the eye or other surfaces of the skin.
  • Be sure to remove contact lenses before applying Careprost and wait for fifteen minutes before putting them back in. Contacts can absorb the solution.


It is worth noting that people worldwide who have used Careprost to stimulate growth and increase eyelashes mostly provide positive reviews about the product. This is because of such an active component’s high efficiency, which might be seen after some weeks of a standard application, similar to its safety and you can buy careprost online from cosmetics andyou.