Why does the Tretinoin Cream, burn the face

tretinoin cream retina

Tretinoin cream is a cream based formulation, which is used topically to treat wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and roughness of facial skin. It is formulated for adults and cannot be used by pregnant women or nursing mothers.

An individual using tretinoin cream may experience warmth or stinging on his/her skin after applying it. During the first few months of application, almost all users reported stinging and burning sensations. These are generally mild to moderate in severity and occurred at the initial stage of the treatment. In case the adverse reaction becomes severe, the treatment should be discontinued and restarted less frequently with your dermatologist’s advice.

These reactions can be lessened by using mild cleansers and initially applying the preparation every other night. Burning sensation occurs after applying sunscreen. It happened because the skin is peeling; one can try applying moisturizer before sun block application. Although peeling is a good thing; this means your cream is working, it is exfoliating the dead layer of skin, which will eventually subside. This trick helped a majority of users. if you wnat to buy treatinoin cream online at affordable price, best ship charge you can order from cosmeticsandyou.com

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