What are the Common Side Effects of bimatoprost Careprost

Common side effects of careprost

Lash lengthening product Careprost can make your lash strand look longer and beautiful, but it can have some side effects that may discomfort you.

Careprost does have potential side effects, but they affect a few people.

  • Itching and redness are the most commonly experienced by Careprost users. These Common side effects affect about 4% of the total users.
  • Less common side effects include dryness and eye irritation.
  • The product is associated with some serious side effects, including redness of the eyelids and eyelid skin darkening. These side effects can be avoided by taking extra precaution while applying the ophthalmic solution. Apply the formula only to your lash line and draw a line with the help of the applicator. Use enough to cover your lash line and not get on your eyelids. The side effect is not permanent and will appear until few weeks after you stop using the eye drop.
  • The most serious and permanent side effect of bimatoprost is darkening of the iris (colored part of the eye). An individual using this product may experience a darker brown eye color change. This is the permanent one; you won’t get your eye color back even after discontinuing the product. Light eyed people are advised to use it carefully.
  • Another potential risk include a very slight increased risk of glaucoma

Important tips for using Careprost Solution

  • Do not apply on the lower lash line and blot excess drops with the help of tissue.
  • Apply a sterile applicator each time whenever you apply this formulation.
  • Never touch the tip of the bottle with your fingers to avoid contamination by common bacteria that can give rise to an infection.
  • Remove your contact lenses before each application. Contact lenses can be reinserted just after fifteen minutes of the application.
  • Do not stop using the product; if you stop using it, your lashes will gradually return to their previous state. you can buy careprost online from cosmeticsandyou at affordable price

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