Why Pimples keep pop-up in the Same Place

Can you predict the exact location of your next pimple? If it is a yes from your side then this article is for you. We all have developed those pimples that recur at the same spot. Sometimes right after it just finally healed up. Sometimes it popped out at the time you were praying for a spotless skin before an occasion. Have you ever thought why it happens? It’s our own habits that are the main offender. Here are some reasons why a pimple rolling on the back.

  • Picking- Picking up a pimple can lead to spreading of acne bacterial to an adjacent follicle, so the pore present next to it can become a pimple.
  • Touching-If you have a habit of touching your face again and again; you may find yourself getting the pimple at the same place. Continuous touching can push back the dirt and oil into the pore which can lead to acne formation.
  • Squeezing- When you try to squeeze your pimple to take out the content out of it, you run the risk of breaking the side of the pore. This should be avoided, as it increases the scarring risk.
  • Stress- It has been demonstrated that stress-related pimples appear first on the forehead and cheeks. When you get too busy in your life, your body starts to release more amount of a certain hormone which can lead to breakouts. Adopt some healthy habits to reduce your stress levels as this, in turn, will reduce popping up of pimples at the same spot.

  • Hormones- During your menses, your body is on natural detox. You tend to develop the hormonal acne across the chin. It is the place where the oil glands of skin are over stimulated. During your periods, double up on your clay mask regimen to keep the chin area clean in advance.
  • Makeup- You are not supposed to give up your favourite lip color, but it is important for you to know that the pigment could be causing inflammation. A lot of lip shades containing F, D, and C dyes that are associated with blackheads and blockages. Make sure that you remove your lipstick completely before you go to sleep.
  • Wax- It is possible that you start getting pimples again and again right after waxing your upper lip every time. Try to avoid waxing your upper lips as much as you can.
  • Glasses- It is not necessary that your frames are causing pimple between your brows, it’s more about the constant contact. Continuous pressure on the same area can cause oil production.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to stop the cycle of these frustrating pimples.