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Careprost Bimatoprost

Bimatoprost is an FDA approved solution which is a main ingredient of Careprost. Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution is the easiest treatment to cure IOP (intraocular pressure).Careprost is a generic solution which effectively works to attain natural eyelashes.  For getting bestowing best quality products you can order Careprost Bimatoprost online at affordable prices. Many websites offer best discounts and offers if you place an order online.

Careprost Eye Drops Facts:

This eye drop is available on our website cosmeticsandyou to meet up your online purchasing requirements. Packing of this product is done very carefully so that the solution doesn’t get contaminated with any impurities or logistics mishandling if any.

About Careprost (Bimatoprost):

As we all know that many of us are not blessed with fuller and intense lashes genetically. Those who have thinner lashes generally opt for natural eyelash growth products that can repair this issue. Many eyelash growth enhancer products are available in the market today and to opt the right one can be a big challenge. Not all of the products can do wonder in achieving the desired length of lashes. But certainly, we can consider Careprost Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution is in an active form. This product is easily available online at very much affordable prices. Other use of this growth serum is to treat glaucoma which is an eye disease.

Working of Careprost:

Working mechanism of this eyelash growth serum is quite interesting. This serum works by increasing the growth phase of hairs, however, the exact mechanism of its action is still not known. But in comparison with natural eyelash growth products, Careprost gets full marks in achieving desired lengths of eyelashes. Constant application of this solution over 2 months shows the positive results.

Application of Careprost:

You have to take extra precaution while applying this eyelash growth serum, as it is to be applied at the base of the upper eyelid. Avoid using a cotton ball or any stick to smear the liquid. You can use an applicator or an eyeliner brush to apply this serum. Wash your hands before applying this serum. Use it preferably at night time before going to bed. Open the bottle and smear this serum at the base of upper lashes. Do not touch any other body part with your hands after using this solution. Keep the bottle at the hygienic place. Use it wisely and carefully to get better results with fewer side effects.

Side Effects and Safety:

Every product has a tendency to develop some mild or severe side effects and issues. While using Careprost one can feel mild burning or tingling in eyes. Along with this, one may feel watery or dry eyes, dizziness etc. In rare cases, severe effects of this serum have been reported and these are blurred vision, eye redness or swelling, discharge from eyes and increased sensitivity to light.

Careprost must be applied only outside of the eye. Do not use this serum if you are using any other eye drops or ophthalmic solution as it could cause negative drug reaction. If you are suffering from any eye infection then it is better to drop the idea of using this serum until your infection goes away.

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