Careprost Solution for Longer, Thicker Lashes

Careprost Solution for Longer, Thicker and Darker Eyelashes

We all want to look gorgeous, and to get that look Careprost solution can contribute and helps us in achieving beautiful and eye catchy eyelashes. A longer and thicker eyelash plays a very important role on our face. The Careprost solution is a unique product which helps to grow thicklongdark & beautiful eyelashes.

Bimatoprost is an active ingredient of Careprost is recommended for the cure of primary open-angle glaucoma. It is available in the form of an eye drop. The active ingredient, Bimatoprost is considered to be a remedy against glaucoma (an eye disease that slowly steals your vision and this solution helps to regulate the fluid flow inside the eye while maintaining the normal eye pressure). One of the side effects of this solution was that users obtained longer, thicker, and darker eyelashes. Since then, researchers and manufacturers have reformulated the product, and now it has been widely known and used to stimulate the growth of eyelashes. This positive effect of the solution makes it well known in the cosmetic industry.

Amazing Eyelash Growth Serum:

Careprost 0.03% treats hypotrichosis, it is a condition where a person does not have enough or no hair of eyelashes. It helps in achieving longer eyelashes, which become noticeably darker and thicker if applied properly and continuously. This eye care serum enhances the hair development to extend the length of eyelashes and works immensely well to grow new eyelashes. This cosmetic product is very affordable giving the best-desired results.

How does Careprost work?

Bimatoprost, the active pharmaceutical ingredient of Careprost comes under the category of prostaglandins. In the case of glaucoma, it functions by lowering the pressure within in the eye by decreasing the flow of liquid out of the eye. The exact mode of action with regards to eyelash growth is not known well, but it is assumed that the application of Careprost increases the duration of the existing growth phase of the hair follicle and increases the emergence of many new lashes as well.

How Careprost helps in growing eyelashes?

Use Careprost  0.03% solution once nightly, by applying on the base of the upper eyelid of each eye. Don’t apply to the lower eyelid and avoid touching other areas with Careprost ophthalmic solution as this may result in undesirable hair growth. Before applying Careprost solution, ensure that your face is clean and you have removed the contact lenses if you wore. You can use an eyeliner brush as an applicator, but ensure that it should be clean before each application. Place 1 drop of Careprost solution close to the tip of your brush and instantly draw the brush across the skin of the upper eyelid margin where the eyelashes meet the skin, starting from the inner part of your lash line to the outer part of your lash line. To avoid contamination by bacteria known to cause infections, ensure that the tip of the bottle or brush does not come into contact with your fingers or any other material. You should begin to see results within 4-6 weeks with maximum eyelash growth by 8-12 weeks.

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