How to Keep Your Eyes Healthy

The importance of the eyes in your life is something that cannot be described in words; you can understand and realize its significance by seeing those who are blind or suffering from severe vision loss. If you are blessed with the healthy eyes, do not take them for granted. You must consider some tips how to keep your eyes healthy and maintain a good vision for long.

Experts recommend some useful tips to improve the health of your eyes and make sure you don’t lose vision in early age. Some of those simple tips or steps are discussed here to make you understand how to keep your eyes healthy at your ease:

Take a diet that improves vision:

A healthy diet is always desired for healthy eyes and good vision. Whatever you eat and drink, it makes a direct impact on your eyes. The deficiency of vitamins and minerals in your diet can lead a gradual deterioration of vision as well as impair retinal function. Generally, ophthalmologists recommend increasing the number of vegetables in your diet for a good eye care.

There is a variety of vegetables, leafy green items, and vitamin-rich food products that help you maintain a good vision. Researchers have also proved that your diet high on vitamins C, A and E, as well as nutrients like omega-3fatty acids, zinc, lutein, and protein, is effective to prevent the risks of macular degeneration and cataract. Some particular food items like spinach, collards, salmon, tuna, nuts, beans, oysters, and citrus fruits are necessary to keep your eyes healthy.

Eyewear protection is necessary:

Give your eyes an eyewear protection when playing, riding a bike, working in a lab or on a computer screen at home. The protective eyewear, antiglare glasses or goggles work as a safety shield to your eyes and help them reduce stress while you are doing your job. Such eyewear glasses can avoid dust particles, pollen, UV rays and environmental or chemical fume from injuring your eyes. Similarly, sports eye protection are taken to keep your eyes safe and healthy.

Wearing the right pair sunglasses also plays a big role in protecting your eyes from the harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays.  Too much exposure of eyes to UV rays can cause cataract and macular degeneration. Therefore, this protection gives a way to keep your eyes healthy.

Do not undermine eye problems:

Even if you feel no problems in your eyes, going for a comprehensive dilated eye exam at least once in a year is not a big deal. Usually, we tend to ignore small eye problems but we find it difficult to treat later on. You have to take it all niggles related to the eyes seriously. If you experience persistent eye pain, swelling, redness or scratching in your eyes, contact your doctor to diagnose it as early as possible.

Quit smoking to take care of your eyes:

Smoking not only hurts your heart but also affect your eyes’ health severely. It probably poses the risk of macular degeneration, optic nerve damage, color blindness, and cataract.

Your eyes need rest:

People working on computers or doing a job that requires too much focus often complain about the eye fatigue. You have to reduce eyestrain by taking quality and full rest. Don’t concentrate on the computer too long and take some rest after a few minutes to reenergize and refresh your eyes again and again.

Some more tips are there to tell you how to keep your eyes healthy such as:

  • Keep your workplace clean and hygienic
  • Beware of your family’s eye health history
  • Take care of contact lens.