Do I Need A Prescription For Careprost

Careprost is an eye drop, which contains 0.03% Bimatoprost. The active ingredient of the product-Bimatoprost has demonstrated to be safe and effective in lowering intraocular pressure over the long term in glaucoma and ocular hypertension cases. It belongs to the prostaglandin class of drugs that primarily exerts its therapeutic effect by increasing uveoscleral outflow. Several studies have also shown a bimodal action with the improved trabecular outflow. The Prostaglandin class of medications is considered first-line therapy in the management of ocular hypertension and glaucoma. However, the active pharmaceutical agent is burdened with some side effects. The most common one is eyelash growth; some people using this medication were surprised to find that they developed fuller eyelashes. This desirable effect led the manufacturers and other pharmaceutical companies to utilize it for cosmetic purposes. Later, Bimatoprost got FDA approval for lengthening, thicken, and darken eyelashes. It is an effective remedy for hypotrichosis of eyelashes, which increases the lashes’ length, thickness, and darkness. Prostaglandins are known to involve in a specific and complex network of hair growth and differentiation. The product is associated with increasing length, thickness, number, and pigmentation of eyelashes. According to experts, prostaglandins extend the anagen phase (growth phase) of eyelashes, resulting in long lashes. This benign side effect has led to Bimatoprost commercially as a cosmetic product for eyelash growth.

The beauty industry is loaded with over-the-counter eyelash enhancer serums promising to mimic Bimatoprost’s effects. But there are differences; Bimatoprost 0.03% ophthalmic solution is a prostaglandin analogue and is FDA approved. The prostaglandin analogue found in over-the-counter products is not. Careprost is the most effective and well-known eye care product currently used for glaucoma and hypotrichosis of eyelashes. Many people use it as an over-the-counter product, but it has side effects; therefore, it is best to use it under the proper guidance of a health care expert. The medical product is available in a plastic bottle with a dropper and a screw cap. Some users develop irritation, eye redness, or dark eyelid skin. Most of these adverse effects usually disappear after discontinuing the drug. Darkening of the skin has also been reported, and this side effect cannot be reversed. 

Tips for using Careprost

The product is not approved to treat children and adolescents under the age of 18. Also, it should not be used by pregnant women without the consent of the dermatologist. Since this a pharmaceutical product, Careprost should only be used under medical supervision. Do not use the applicator brush or contaminate the bottle tip to come into contact with other skin’s surface, as this may lead to serious eye complications. If you develop an all-new eye infection, vision problem, develop an eye reaction or have eye surgery, speak to an ophthalmologist, who is an expert in eye care and can access your particular eye problem. Bimatoprost Careprost lowers intraocular pressure when instilled directly to the eye in patients with raised IOP. If it gets into your eyes while applying it for lash growth, no need to get panic. In case you get severe irritation, rinse your eyes straight away and consult an ophthalmologist.


People are using this topical formulation for a decade; Careprost Bimatoprost has been established as an effective ocular hypotensive agent. Numerous studies have demonstrated that the active pharmaceutical agent effectively causes a reduction in IOP.  A decrease in IOP is achieved by improving outflow through uveoscleral and trabecular pathways. The mechanism of action is unique, making it a potent compound for the pharmacotherapy of glaucoma. Prostaglandins have an equal effect on hair growth. When it comes to improving eyelash appearance, prostaglandins prolong the growth phase of eyelashes, leading to increased eyelash length. The FDA has approved Bimatoprost in a 0.03% concentration for increasing lash length, thickness, and darkness in patients with hypotrichosis of the eyelashes. For lash enhancement, a single drop is sufficient to place on a single-use applicator brush and applied to the upper lash along with the roots of lashes once nightly. A new applicator should be used for each eye.  You can buy careprost online from Cosmeticsandyou at an affordable price