Melalite Cream for Pigmentation

Doctors prescribe Melalite Cream to treat skin hyperpigmentation in their patients. The topical formulation helps to make skin bright and protect from harmful sun UV rays. The application of Melalite cream should be as exactly as prescribed by your doctor to get the maximum benefit from it because this cream is meant only for external purposes. It comes in different dosages and formulation pack; buy the one that your doctor suggests. You can buy Melalite cream online as well to get it delivered to your doorstep. 

Working of Melalite Cream on Hyperpigmentation

The abnormal skin darkening in patches is referred to as hyperpigmentation. This skin issue usually happens when our skin produces excess melanin. The application of this cream reduces the deposit of melanin, lighten skin tone while restoring normal skin colour. The cream prevents you from sunburns and high ultraviolet sun rays. Melalite is a combination of 3 medicines, i.e. Hydroquinone, Octinoxate, and Benzophenone. The combination of 3 medicines works together to combat skin hyperpigmentation. Hydroquinone 4 cream is a skin lightening medicine that reduces skin melanin which causes darkening of the skin. Octinoxate and Benzophenone are organic compounds that work to protect your skin from UV rays and further skin damages by the sun.   

How to Apply Melalite Cream?

The correct method of application and dosage is important to achieve the desired results. Ensure to wash your hands before applying the cream, also clean and dry the affected area where the treatment is needed. Take a cream on your fingertip to apply it evenly on the affected area, and leave it. Wash your hands after the application. You may feel skin burning or skin irritation as a common side effect of this cream; most side effects do not require any medical attention, but if you find any side effects persist for a longer duration, consult your doctor.