Tips to Get Rid of Acne Permanently and Fast

Is there any solution for the permanent prevention of acne breakout? Experts are not aligned with one opinion in this regard; some find it a natural incident that recurs lifetime, whereas some claim that this condition can be treated forever. Well, if not forever, you can certainly avoid the recurrence of acne for a long time with the help of some natural or home remedies. Dermatologists prescribe some home tips to get rid of acne permanently and fast. You can easily try them at home and experience a subtle change in the look of your skin.

Understand Acne and why it comes?


 Acne is a very common skin condition that almost every person experiences. No age group is spared from this problem. However, the good news is, this condition does not damage the skin too much and probably disappears after a period in most of the cases. Though it is a natural phenomenon, its emotions impact is painful and sometimes you feel embarrassed in the public because of the excess of acne residing on your face.

Causes of Acne:

Generally, acne occurs when the skin pores are clogged. The other causes of acne breakout include hormonal disorder, bacterial infection, environmental pollutants, medication, and intake of birth control pills, unhealthy foods, busy lifestyle so on and so forth.

There are some widely recommended tips to remove acne permanently and fast. Anyone can use them to maintain acne-free and fair skin along with its natural beauty and sensitivity.

Focus on a healthy diet to get rid of Acne:

Your diet plays the most important role in preventing the recurrence of acne and other skin conditions. The important minerals and vitamins needed for improving the health of your skin do largely come from your diet.


It may a bit difficult to change your taste and food habit initially but it’s a prerequisite to take care of your skin’s health and curb the risk of acne attack. Also, remember that changing food habit is the safest way to fight various skin conditions and make it glow for longer. You have to follow some tips to ensure you are eating healthy and as per the requirement of your skin:



  • Curb on Sugar

Excess of sugar consumption is not always good for your health and it can lead to various skin and metabolic problems. Those who consume a lot of sugar probably experience an increment in the number acne and red spots. You can substitute sugar with other sugar contents like raw honey and jaggery. Research studies suggest that a low-glycemic diet is helpful to improve skin’s health and balance blood sugar levels.image005

If you have a sweet tooth and find it difficult to curb sugar, try to limit its quantity gradually. It’s really important to stay away from sugar-coated food items if you want to get rid of acne permanently and fast.



  • Increase Protein

Consumption of protein-rich food items is essential to nourish skin. A study published in the “Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology” in 2007 claimed that adults taking high-protein diet with a low glycemic amount would experience significantly less acne than those who follow a standard diet.


It was found that high-protein diets help to control body weight and increase the production of testosterone in the body, thus helping to prevent acne breakout. You can increase the supply of protein by taking food products like organic chicken, fish, egg, pulse, cereals, oats, cottage cheese, broccoli etc.

  • Limit Dairy Products

Dairy products are not found to be very good to prevent acne. Experts recommend reducing the consumption of dairy items to lower the risk of acne breakout. Such products increase the production of sebum, increasing the risk of acne.

  • Increase Zinc Rich Food Items

Foods with the high amount of zinc have positive effects on your skin. This mineral is very effective in improving the immune system and healing skin marks quite naturally. You can increase the supply of zinc by taking some specific food products such as beans, crab, pork shoulder, garlic, lobster, oysters, chicken, beef, watermelon seeds, squash seeds and fortified breakfast cereals.
Some other dietary changes needed for the prevention of acne include:

  • Resist sugary and soft drinks
  • Eat raw, unprocessed, organic food
  • Avoid processed, fried items and fast food
  • Avoid red meat
  • Drink more water and green smoothies
  • Increase the intake of organic vegetables
  • Take Full Sleep:

You have to give full rest to your body and take at least 7-8 hours of sleep to keep your skin fresh and radiant


The incomplete sleep and physical stress affect hormonal balance and metabolic process in the body and thus increasing the risks of wrinkles and acne. Therefore, adjust your lifestyle such a way that you can get adequate time to sleep.

  • Don’t Miss Your Exercise:

Physical workout for the body is as important as the body itself. You have to sweat during exercise so that skin pores are unclogged and the metabolic system runs well


It also helps to hydrate your skin to get rid of acne permanently and fast. Unclogging of skin pores is essential to clean skin and lower the production of skin oil, so make it your habit to take good care of your body and skin.

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