Is Careprost Safe for Eyelashes

Careprost Safe for Eyelashes

Careprost is a renowned product commonly used to grow adequate eyelashes. Do you wish to have attractive eyelashes? Probably almost all of us look for fluttering eyelashes. Most people use fake lashes or mascara to make their eyelashes attractive, but now it is way too easy to get natural dramatic lashes without using artificial products…….yes it’s true!

Exploring or opting natural options are the safest way instead of using harsh cosmetics especially when it is about the skin and health-related issues. Careprost works effectively on lashes and makes them thicker, longer and darker.

How Careprost Works?

Careprost is an approved solution by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This product is safe and natural option for getting healthy growth of upper eyelashes. You can apply this eye solution to your lower lashes too but the primary effect can be seen on the upper eyelashes and the same is more recommended. Careprost ideally was manufactured to treat glaucoma but its side effects showed the positive results when the users used this solution. As a side effect it increases the length of eyelashes and gradually users started liking its side effect and from there on this product got famous majorly for increasing the eyelashes. Careprost works by creating more hair follicles during the lash growth cycle.

How to apply Careprost?

Before applying this solution, remove any makeup and clean your hands and face with a mild cleanser or water. The solution is recommended to use once a day at night before going to bed. Apply Careprost on the roots of the upper eyelashes with its single-use applicator. You can notice the result within 4 to 6 weeks of use if applied daily. After getting the desired result you can apply Careprost thrice a week, as if you will stop using it, your lashes will gradually return to their original state.

Safe to use the Careprost:

Careprost is a popularly known as an ophthalmic solution which treats eyelashes hair deficiency. One can achieve thicker, darker and longer eyelashes with its daily use. The careprost eye serum is safe for adults and plays a vital role in stimulating the eyelashes growth. Bimatoprost is the main active ingredient in Careprost which works by promoting the healthy growth of eyelashes and provides darker, thicker and fuller eyelashes. Apply the solution carefully by reading instruction tips given in the packing. You don’t need to worry if the solution gets into your eye, wash your eyes thoroughly with cold water so that solution comes out if it enters the eye.

Side Effects:

Almost every product shows some kind of side effects. The common side effects of Careprost are:

  • Upon stop using this eye serum, your lashes will gradually return to their original state and form.
  • Users may experience dry eye, eyelid itching, eyelid darkening, eye or eyelid swelling, bloodshot eyes, or a skin allergic reactions.
  • Any serious side effect of using this eye solution is rare. The commonly observed effects of Careprost eye drops include dry eyes, irritation, itching, sensitivity to light and burning sensation in the eyes.

Careprost and Contacts

If you wear contacts lenses and want to use Careprost, you should consult your eye specialist first. FDA warns to people who wear contact lenses while using Careprost. It is strongly recommended to remove your contacts before applying the solution else it can lead to a discoloration of contacts. Wait for 15-20 minutes before putting your lenses back in your eyes. For safety purpose, it is advisable to use Carerprost solution at night before going to bed. You can buy careprost bimatoprost ophthalmic solution from cosmeticsandyou in the United States at best price and authentic quality.

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