Bio Oil Reviews for Dehydrated Skin

Bio Oil reviews for Dehydrated Skin

Bio-Oil is an extremely effective moisturizer, especially for dry skin. Its unique formulation of mineral oils, vitamins, and plant extracts provide soothing and hydrating advantages to the skin. It helps supplement the skin’s natural oils which can be snatched away by lifestyle and environmental factors.

Mineral oil works both as an emollient, keeping skin soft and smooth, and as a moisturizer, preventing the development of dry skin. It works by reducing the rate at which water vapour is naturally absorbed through the skin’s surface. Mineral oil works along with other base oils in the Bio-Oil formulation to provide the vitamins and plant extracts to the skin where they can enact their benefits.

The vitamins present in Bio-Oil serve to boost healthy skin renewal and trap in the moisture to the skin. Vitamin A promotes the development of new collagen, making the skin soft and supple while Vitamin E adds to the moisture content of the epidermis.

Plant extracts in Bio oil help to reduce irritation and inflammation caused due to dry skin. Calendula oil has cell regenerative effects and is beneficial to treat dry and sensitive skin by reducing inflammation and irritation. Lavender and rosemary oils condition and provide a soft and soothing benefit while also producing mild antiseptic effects. Chamomile oil is an anti-inflammatory and is specifically beneficial for sensitive skin. PurCellin acts as an emollient making the skin soft, smooth and supple. Regular use of Bio-Oil will deliver everlasting relief from dry skin.

Common Causes of Dry Skin

  • Winter weatherUsually, skin dries up in winter, when temperatures and humidity levels are
  • Frequent bathingThe combination of hot water and soaking can steal away your skin’s natural protective oils. Frequent swimming, specifically in heavily chlorinated water can also lead to bio dehydrated skin.
  • Harsh soaps and detergents Many of the soaps and detergents strip moisture from your skin. Use of hand Sanitizers with a high concentration of alcohol also dehydrates the skin.
  • Sun exposure-Sun dries up the skin, and its UV radiation penetrates the epidermis and erodes the skin’s supply of natural oils.
  • Age With growing age, hormone levels are not the same which can make your skin thin and lack of moisture.
  • Diet Skin cells are wrapped in a protective bubble of fats that help keep them soft and flexible. Including adequate amounts of fatty acids in your diet is important to balance this protective wrap.
  • Irritants Certain fabric fibres like wool can irritate the skin, leaving it dry and itchy.
  • Not drinking enough water It is suggested to drink at least 2 litres of water daily to keep you hydrated. If the body is not appropriately hydrated, the skin will lose moisture.

Bio Oil Reviews:

It has a very mild fragrance, which reminds of herbal beauty products. The oil is very light in weight and its texture is absolutely non-greasy. No matter how dry your skin is, only a few drops are sufficient to moisturize your skin. Apart from hydrating the skin, Bio Oil can improve its elasticity greatly. It also fades away pimple marks and blemishes and provides an even skin tone. Although it definitely takes longer time than others to show the results, once they are visible you can’t anymore ignore this product.

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