Best Moisturizer to use with Tretinoin

Tretinoin is a prescription retinoid for the treatment of acne. Many over the counter topical preparation contain retinol, but retinoid, such as Tretinoin is more powerful than any other formulations present in the market. The topical retinoid reduces the appearance of acne by speeding up cell turnover and opening the clogged skin pores. It is available in cream and gel form. The anti-ageing properties may help reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Undoubtedly, Tretinoin is a wonderful formula for common skin problems, but the treatment can seriously dry out your skin. To avoid irritation and excessive dryness after applying the topical preparation, you can apply a moisturizer to smooth out skin. It is necessary to pay attention to timing in your skincare routine. Here are some important tips for the users:

  • Wash your skin at night with mild soap and water to remove dirt and impurities. Blot your skin dry with a soft towel. Wait for at least 20 to 30 minutes to let your face skin dry completely, before applying Tretinoin preparation. Irritation can develop if you apply the cream on a damp surface.


  • Squeeze a small amount of topical solution onto your fingertips. Dab the affected area with the formulation. Then rub it evenly all over the affected skin area. If your topical retinoid is in gel form, it works quickly as it gets evaporated quickly. Continue blending the formulation until it gets completely absorbed by the skin. If the solution is still visible on the skin even after blending, you may have used too much. Clean your skin to wipe the excess product.
  • Allow your skin to absorb the medication for at least 20 minutes or up to an hour before applying moisturizer or any other product.

Moisturizer for Tretinoin treated skin

Choose a non-comedogenic and oil-free moisturizer to smooth out your Tretinoin treated skin. Dab a pea size amount of moisturizer all over your face once the tretinoin solution has fully dried. Exercise caution while choosing a moisturizer for your tretinoin treated skin. You need to avoid any moisturizer that contains alcohol, which can further cause dry conditions for your skin.

The retinoid formulation can make your skin sensitive to the sun, and you will be more likely to get sunspots. To avoid sun damage, put on an SPF 30 sunscreen after your moisturizer, before stepping out in the sun. You will be able to see results after 6 to 12 weeks of the Tretinoin treatment.