How to Use Tretinoin Gel

How to Use Tretinoin Gel

Many people use Tretinoin Gel to fix their fine line and wrinkles. It is safe to be included as a part of the anti-ageing regimen. The gel is the only anti-ageing formula which has been scientifically proven to work to reduce ageing spots. Everyone wants to know about the newest anti-ageing secret. The product promises to erase even the deepest wrinkles. The manufacturers claim to repair aged skin that has lost its youthful glow.

No magical preparation will help you get rid of those annoying fine lines and signs of sun damage overnight. However, tretinoin can help to a great extent, but one to religiously follow the application schedule. We all know that the old age needs an ounce of prevention to cure age-associated skin issues. When it’s too late, and your skin already soaked up those ultraviolet rays, there is still hope. It is recommended to use Tretinoin gel daily for the prevention of ageing and improve the appearance of skin that may already be damaged.

Tretinoin – Resolves Age-Associated Skin Issues

Various clinical trials have proven the effectiveness and safety of Tretinoin for repairing fine lines and sun damage. The research studies found that using Tretinoin gel is a single best way to improve roughness, freckles, hyperpigmentation, and wrinkles that are associated with sun damage.

The secret to Tretinoin gel’s dual use in acne and ageing lines in its ability to encourage increased cell turnover of the cells in your skin.  As you age, the cell turnover does not occur as often which leads to a dull appearance of the skin. Wrinkles and fine lines start to become visible.

Application of Tretinoin Cream

Two of the biggest mistake most of the people make while applying the gel formulation are putting it on during the day and applying it to wet skin. If you are doing either of these things, you are just wasting your time applying the topical solution. Sunlight reduces the effects of Tretinoin, and when applied to wet skin, it can irritate.

Start your new anti-ageing skincare routine in the correct way to get the maximum benefits. Apply the gel after washing your face at night. You don’t need a lot of gel, take a  pea size amount and dab the gel with the help of a finger. Apply it to the forehead, nose, chin and as well as your cheeks. Distribute the gel evenly across the face. After applying the gel, wait for thirty minutes, and then moisturize your face with your favourite moisturizer to prevent dry skin. Repeat the process daily at night to get the desired effects.

You may notice the peeling of skin during the initial days of the treatment, but after some time the condition will be under control. Diluting the Tretinoin gel with moisturizer can impair the absorption into the skin. It is preferred to moisturize after half an hour of applying Tretinoin. Moreover, it is necessary to protect your skin with daily sunscreen while using anti-ageing gel. The Active ingredient can make your skin sensitive and susceptible to sun damage.