Tri-Luma Cream Price in the USA

Tri-Luma Cream Price in the USA

Triluma cream is widely available as a topical medicine that comes with a promise of lightening hyperpigmentation spots and patches caused by melasma. It is a well-known cream to help one win the battle against melasma. The topical formulation claims to reduce the appearance of melasma with great ease. The cost of the cream depends on the pharmacy you visit.  Get the best price of Tri-luma Cream in the USA from

Tri-Luma for Melasma

Melasma is a skin problem identified by dark spots and patches on the surface of the skin. Today, you will find thousands of people suffering due to melasma. Prolonged sun exposure, stress, depression, use of birth control pills, and sometimes genetics are responsible for causing the skin condition. Tri-Luma cream, manufactured by Galderma is intended to lighten the affected area and fades away brown spots caused by melasma over a period. The cream doesn’t work overnight.

Tri-Luma is a member of the topical depigmenting agents’ drug class and is widely used to treat melasma. The triple combination topical product is indicated for the short-term period (up to 8 weeks) of moderate to severe melasma of the face. It is a clinically proven topical medicine that contains Hydroquinone, Fluocinolone, and Tretinoin.

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