How To Use Tri Luma Cream

TriLuma cream is a popular medication for treating face melasma conditions. Melasma commonly appears as dark, patchy spots on the skin (especially on the cheeks and forehead). It is be believed that it occurs due to hormonal imbalance/change. Tri-Luma cream contains 3 different medications:

  1. Hydroquinone – Reversible skin bleaching agent  
  2. Tretinoin – A retinoid (that increases skin shedding)
  3. Fluocinolone – Corticosteroid, reduces swelling, itching and skin redness.

Doctors prescribe this formulation as it works efficiently on melasma patches, but continuous exposure to sunlight, estrogen-type birth control hormones can abrupt the efficacy of this medicine.

Best Tips to Use Tri-Luma Cream

The leaflet given in the pack suggests the right tips for Tri Luma cream application; you can also find the same here below:

  • For safe usage, it is always recommended to apply a small amount of this formulation for 24 hours on an unaffected skin area to see if it shows any unwanted or serious side effects. Consult your doctor if you find any side effects.
  • Before using, gently wash your face with a mild cleanser, rinse and pat dry your skin.
  • Take a pea-sized Tri luma cream formulation on your fingertip to evenly apply a thin layer on the affected area.  Rub it until it completely observes by the skin.
  • The cream works best when you apply it 30 minutes before going to bed. Avoid the cream getting into your eyes or mouth; if it does, wash it thoroughly with running water. 
  • Do not cover the skin after application; wash your face in the morning when you wake-up
  • Avoid going in the sun if you apply this cream in the daytime.
  • Speak to your doctor if you experience any side effects.

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