Best Acne Medication Online

Best Acne Medication Online

Acne medication is a must for most severe cases of acne. For mild to moderate, sometimes a combination of treatments is needed to get the best results.

Topical Prescription Options for Acne

There is a wide range of topical treatments available, each of which carries its own risks and benefits. 

Azelaic Acid– Azelaic acid is a prescription cream that can be used to get rid of mild to moderate acne. The active acne ingredient helps in reducing the bacteria responsible for acne breakout. Its regular use normalizes the shedding of dead skin cells and decreases inflammation. Other added benefits include improved post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and an even skin tone. Azelaic acid is sold under the trade name Aziderm cream, Finacea Gel

Retinoids- Topical retinoids are extremely effective and popular acne treatments. Retinoids belong to a class of medications derived from vitamin A. Topical retinoids that benefits people with acne include Tretinoin and Tazarotene. They are active at exfoliating the skin, keeping your unclogged and preventing pimples. They work best to treat mild to moderate breakouts, as well as help in many cases of severe acne. The topical retinoid tretinoin come with additional benefit and that is an effective anti-aging solution. They are often prescribed by a dermatologist to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, making Tretinoin, the first choice for adult acne sufferers. The most popular brands of topical retinoids are Retino A cream, A ret gel, supratet gel etc.

Topical antibiotics for acne- topical antibiotic are believed to improve the acne by preventing the growth of propioni acne bacteria, which cause acne. They can be used to reduce the inflammation associated with acne vulgaris and helps unclog the skin pores.  The antibiotic creams are used as often today as they were in years pasts because they can give rise to antibiotic-resistant bacteria. To overcome the problem, the antibiotic preparations should be used along with another acne formulation such as benzoyl peroxide, which is also a topical retinoid.

Dermatologists recommend topical Acne Medication for treating people with moderate to severe acne. One of the most commonly prescribed medicines that helps to treat acne is clindamycin and erythromycin. Clindac A gel and acnesol gel are popular brands of clindamycin, and both are effective in fading stubborn acne.

Combination topical drugs for acne- Topical combination medicine combines two acne ingredients that help to fight acne. With the use of a combination drug, you will be able to get the benefit of two powerful acne ingredients with just one application. These medications are successful in killing acne-causing bacteria, normalizing the shedding of dead skin cells, keeping pores clear, and reducing the number of comedones. The effectiveness of a topical combination of medicine depends on the condition of an individual. While using topical combination therapy, less antibiotic is required to eliminate the bacteria as compared to topical antibiotics alone. The options of topical combination medications are retino AC gel, Tri-luma cream are some of the best products.