Benzoyl Peroxide Prescription Drugs

Benzoyl Peroxide Prescription Drugs

Acne is the most common problem in both men and women. It is a major cause of spots. The problem is most likely to affect people with acne who are aged between 12 to 25. But it not only affects adolescents and younger adults, but the problem can also affect older people.

Benzoyl Peroxide preparations for acne

Benzoyl peroxide falls into the category of drugs known as peroxides that are specially used as anti-acne preparations. The formulation is available under the brand name of a Persol gel in a concentration of 2.5%, and a stronger version contains 5% of the benzoyl peroxide. The active pharmaceutical ingredient is the most frequently used medications for acne. The medication not only kills the germs but also opens clogged pores as well as minimizes inflammation. With the use of this anti-acne medication, about 99% of bacteria die without reproducing themselves over a period of 38 hours. It is believed that the cause of the acne is P. Acne, so the target of the treatment is to kill the bacteria.

The formation of acne takes place when inflammation occurs in an area and stimulates sebum production, which leads to blockage of pores. Since oxygen is consumed from the blocked skin pores, it creates an ideal environment for the P. Acnes bacteria to survive and reproduce. Hence, if you can prevent your skin from getting inflamed, you can prevent acne.

Benzoyl peroxide forms toxic free radicals of oxygen, which destroy P. Acnes since the bacteria can’t live in an oxygen-rich environment that is provided by the anti-acne drug. Benzoyl peroxide fights acne infection by irritating acne bacteria and stops them from reproducing further.

Benzoyl Peroxide preparation usages and guidelines

To maximize the effect of personal gel on your skin, wash your face with soap and water fifteen minutes before applying the anti-acne formulation on your face and then use a towel to pat your skin dry. It is recommended that you apply personal gel once or twice daily. When you first begin the treatment, you will be given to using 5 % strength preparation depending on your condition. This will help keep your skin irritation to a minimum level. If you find it does irritate your skin tray the 2.5%, the lowest strength preparation once the irritation has settled.

Results with Benzoyl Peroxide drugs:

When you first start using Benzoyl Peroxide preparation such as Persol gel 2.5% or 5%, expect your skin to get worse first. Your skin may even turn red and peel, but after a period of 4 to 6 weeks, you will begin to notice some positive changes. Even your acne has improved, continue using these topical preparations to keep acne away. Also, relying too much on benzoyl peroxide does not contribute to good skin care, but just focus on getting rid of the acne. Make sure you complete the course of treatment. If you have any doubt, you can discuss with your dermatologist.

For best results, use your anti-acne drug strategically. Use small quantities, which is just enough to destroy the acne-causing bacteria and open up skin pores. Avoid using too much medication that could cause your skin to get addicted to it. This way when you stop applying the gel, you won’t end up messing your face.