Treticon Forte Cream 0.05%

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Treticon Forte Cream 0.05%

Treticon 0.05% contains tretinoin as the main active agent. It is one of the most prescribed topical medications for treating mild to severe acne. Tretinoin is a vitamin A derivative and belongs to the retinoid drug class.

Treticon forte cream is also considered as an adjunctive agent for treating facial fine lines and wrinkles. Medical advice should be taken to understand if Treticon cream can help reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Moreover, the safety and effectiveness of this cream in treating skin issues other than acne vulgaris have not been established. Therefore, ensure to use this product only if your dermatologist prescribes it. 


How to use

Treticon Forte cream should be applied in quantity and duration recommended by your doctor. Apply once nightly application when skin lesions appear. Wash your hands and affected skin area and pat dry with a soft cotton cloth or face towel. Take a thin layer of Treticon to cover the entire affected area gently. Application may cause a feeling of skin stinging or inflammation warmth. Follow the treatment for the prescribed period; if you find it necessary to discontinue or reduce the frequency of application temporarily. Consult a doctor to seek further advice on this.  

One can notice the results after 2 to 3 weeks of continued use of this cream; during the initial weeks of the treatment, inflammatory lesions may exacerbate. This may happen because of the action of medicine on deep, previously unseen lesions and, of course, should not be considered a reason for treatment discontinuation. Sometimes more than 6 weeks of treatment may be required to achieve the desired results. Once the desired results are achieved, it becomes important to maintain the effect with a reduced frequency of applications and lower dosage forms. Treticon patients may use cosmetics if needed, but the area to be treated should be cleaned properly before applying this cream.



Treticon Forte Cream 0.05% (20gm) should be discontinued if you are hypersensitive to any of the ingredients present in this product. The product's safety and efficiency in pediatric patients under 12 have not been established.

Overexposure to the sun can cause premature skin ageing while using this cream. The chance of this skin condition may depend on skin type, climate and the steps taken to avoid excessive sun exposure. Tretinoin treatment may make your skin more sensitive to sunlight and increase the chances of developing sunburn, so unprotected exposure to sunrays should be minimized. Do not use any other medications with tretinoin; this may cause unwanted side effects.

Side effects

Some individuals with certain sensitive skin types may experience excessive red, blistered, or skin breakouts. Treticon should either be discontinued or decrease its application and quantity if these side effects occur. Skin allergy to tretinoin is rarely reported. Temporary hyperpigmentation is a common side effect with repeated application of Treticon Forte cream. Some users may also experience heightened susceptibility to sunlight while using this cream. To date, all of these side effects from this cream have been reversible upon discontinuing the treatment. Visit your dermatologist if any of the side effects bother you.

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