Perspirex Roll-on Original 20ml

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Perspirex Roll-on Original

It is no secret that excessive sweating isn’t fun, and when you realize that excessive sweating is having a negative impact on your personal and social life it can be hard finding the right solution to solve the problem. Perspirex Roll-On is used to protect against perspiration and unpleasant body odor. This Roll-on not only offer relief from excessive sweating but also relieves the embarrassment of marks and stains associated with sweating. When you apply the Perspirex Roll-On, you must make sure that your skin is completely dry otherwise it will cause your skin to become irritated. You will need to roll onto your body for controlling excessive sweating. This roller ball applicator can be used on other body areas besides your underarm area. Over use of Perspirex antiperspirant application can cause your sweat ducts to block up completely, which can cause more issues and more sweating.

Benefits of using Perspirex Roll-on-

  • You should always apply it at night time before you go to sleep, because the sweat glands are not as active like they are during the day time.
  • Perspirex has an immediate effect as it begin working as soon as you apply it.
  • If you do not suffer from any irritation, you will be very satisfied with effective result of this roll-on product.
  • Further, Perspire roll-on will start working on your skin from the day one and its regular use will give your relief from excess sweating problem.

Application of Perspirex-

In order to avoid skin irritation you should make sure your skin is dry before applying Perspirex Roll-On. Two strokes of the roll on in the center of the armpit is sufficient enough for one-night  treatment. Rinse it  off  in  the  morning  with  mild soap  and  water. Do not re-apply  it after  taking  a  bath.  Control  your  body  sweat  and  odor  by  applying the  formula  2  to  3  nights  per week, once a day, or as needed. Make sure your skin is completely dry before the application.

Things to Remember-

  • Don’t apply it to your underarms if you just shaved them or anywhere on your skin where you have broken skin to avoid irritation.
  • Perspirex may rarely cause any allergic reaction or skin irritation. If this occurs, stop using it.
  • The  formula  may  discolor  the  fabrics  you  are  wearing  during  the time of application.  Also, avoid wearing any jewelry or other polished metal ornaments.



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