Perspirex Roll-on Comfort 20ml

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Perspirex Roll-on Comfort 20ml 


Perspirex is an antiperspirant used to treat excessive sweating. It is available in two forms i.e roll on and lotion. The roll on is used to protect against perspiration and unpleasant body odor. Its not only offer relief to people suffering from excessive sweating, but also relieves the embarrassment of marks and stains associated with sweating. It can be used along with regular scented deodorant or perfume. The non-staining and fragrance-free preparation is scientifically proven to give the best protection from sweat problems on the market. It's one applications work for at least five days. The lotion form helps from excessive sweating of palms and feet. Aluminum chloride, the main component of the product creates a stopper to prevent any moisture from being released from the sweat glands. After a few days, this stopper is detached due to the process of cell formation. The unique formula is long lasting, comfortable, and preservative free.

Effectiveness of the product:

Perspirex has an immediate effect as soon as it is applied whether it is lotion form or a roll on. It works to reduce the sweat immediately after the application. If you do not suffer from any irritation, you ought to be very satisfied with the results. Further, the number of the application you require will lessen over the time so that you will have dryness for only a few applications.

Application of Perspirex:

Perspirex should be applied to completely dry skin in moderate quantities. Use it daily before going to bed until you have achieved the desired results. Two strokes of the roll on in the centere of the armpit is sufficient enough for one-night treatment. People with sensitive skin should apply every second night for 14 days. Rinse it off in the morning with mild soap and water. Do not re-apply it after taking a bath. Control your body sweat and odor by applying the formula 2 to 3 nights per week, once a day, or as needed. Make sure your skin is completely dry before the application.

If you are using Perspirex lotion, apply it to the palms of your hands and the soles of your feet. You can apply it on the sides of your fingers also. Remember, the skin must be completely dry and unbroken.

The longevity of this product will depend on how often you need to use the antiperspirant.

Things to remember:

  • Do not use Perspirex on damaged and irritated skin.
  • It should not be used for 48 hours after waxing, shaving, or use of depilatories. It is for external use only. Avoid contact with the eyes, nasal membrane, and mucous membrane. Rinse immediately if it happens.
  • Perspirex may rarely cause an allergic reaction or skin irritation. If this occurs, stop using it.
  • It is not suitable for children as perspiration problems rarely occur before the puberty period.
  • The formula may discolor the fabrics you are wearing during the application time. Also, avoid wearing any jewelry or other polished metal ornaments. 
  • Avoid applying too much of Perspirex.

Perspirex rarely causes adverse effects, although if you use it too much or too often, it might cause some skin irritation. To avoid irritation, try to use it less or in the recommended amount as mentioned on the bottle. If you still find any problem, then discontinue the product. It might be that you are allergic to any of the ingredients of the formulation and its continuous use will only worsen your skin condition or you can also consult with your physician for this.



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