Perspirex Lotion 100ml

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Perspirex Lotion

Lotions are one of the basic essentials of our skin care regime. They are applied on the external surface of skin with bare hands. They re-hydrate and soften our skin making it more glowing and radiant. In short, it is a kind of moisturizer that maintains our skin’s health. We are here with one of the best lotion aims to protect hands and feet and also prevent it from external pollution damages. This lotion is ideal to be used for normal to dry skin. With a wonderful aromatic fragrance, its smooth buttery texture excellently spreads on your skin without leaving it oily and greasy. It is light, fluffy moisturizer that makes your hands and feet soft, supple and smooth. This lotion leaves behind a fresh yet classic scent and excellent for dry skinned beauties.

Benefits of using Perspirex Lotion

  • It not only moisturizes your hands and feet but also makes them soft. 
  • It lightens the appearance of dark spots on your skin thereby igniting your skin’s natural glow.
  • The best thing about this lotion is the fragrance which is long-lasting after it has been applied.
  • It has an easily absorbing formula, it does not leave your hands oily or greasy at all. 
  • People with dry and damage skin may need to use more than just one drop of this lotion.
  • This lotion is perfect for those who have dry hands and feet as it keeps your hands moisturized for a long time.
  • This rich lotion moisturizes your hands instantly and makes them feel soft and supple.

Application of Perspirex Lotion-

Wash your hands and feet with gentle body soap. Pat it dry and apply the lotion to your soles of your feet. Massage the soles with the help of your hands to spread the lotion evenly. Now take an almond size lotion and apply it to the palm of your hands and massage gently together.  Keep massaging until the lotion gets absorbed. Use it regularly in daily routine before going to bed until you achieve your desired result.


Things to Remember-

  • Your skin must be completely dry and unbroken before the application of lotion.
  • It can cause adverse effects, although if you use it too much or too often.
  • People, who have sensitive skin should apply this Perspirex lotion every second night for 14 days.
  • If you feel any allergic reaction or skin irritation, stop using this lotion and consult with your dermatologist.
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