Persol Gel 2.5% (Benzoyl Peroxide)

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Persol Gel 2.5% (Benzoyl Peroxide Gel) 

Acne vulgaris is the most common and distressing skin condition that affects over 80% of the teenagers. Out of these, approximately 15% need medical intervention. Many clinical studies have shown that acne has a negative impact on patient’s quality of life. The problem can also affect adults approximately 1% of women and 5% of men. Today, there are numerous products are available in the market to treat acne. In many of these formulations, Persol Gel is the most widely used topical acne medications in dermatology. For acne treatment, it is an ultimate skin care product that is gel based and is very smooth on the skin. Its active component Benzoyl Peroxide has been shown to have numerous mechanism of action. This gel has been shown to have anti-inflammatory, wound-healing, antimicrobial, and keratolytic activity.

What is Persol 2.5% Gel?

Persol Gel is a water-based gel formulated to treat mild to moderate acne. Its regular application not only clears up acne blemishes, whiteheads, and blackheads, but also prevents future outbreaks. The main component of the gel is Benzoyl Peroxide, which is licensed for the treatment of acne vulgaris. Benzoyl Peroxide is available in different forms and strengths, including Persol cream, Persol ac 2.5 gels, etc.

How is Persol 2.5% Gel used?

Persol 2.5% Gel, is used topically for one or more times on a daily basis. Do not forget to wash with a mild cleanser and dry the affected areas with a towel before application. Contact your healthcare specialist for the correct dosage as the dosage will depend on the patient’s condition. Spread a thin layer of the gel onto the affected area and gently massage until the solution disappears. After application, wash your hands with soap to prevent the gel from contacting any skin areas not being treated as this may cause undesired health issues.

The topical preparation is not suitable for patients having known sensitivity to Benzoyl Peroxide or any of its ingredients. It is available for external use only and not available for ophthalmic use. Therefore, patients are instructed to keep it away from eyes and mucosae. In the case of skin contact, immediately flush out with flowing water for no less than 15 minutes. If you are wearing jewelry remove it to facilitate clearing of any residual materials. If you think that skin contact requires medical attention, visit your nearest health care center. Individuals who have a very fair skin complexion should start with a single application at bedtime allowing overnight medication. The Benzoyl Peroxide Gel may bleach colored fabrics, therefore, take extra caution while applying it.

It is still unknown whether the topical agent can cause harm to the fetus when used by a pregnant woman or can affect reproduction capacity. It should be taken during pregnancy only if clearly needed and recommended by your phycisian only. Furthermore, It is not known if it is excreted in human milk. Because many medications are excreted in mother’s milk, caution should be taken when Persol Gel is used by a nursing mother.

Benefits of Persol Gel 2.5%

  • Persol gel efficiently treats mild to moderate outbreaks of acne. It can dry the skin to make it easier to wash away the dirt and excess oil from the skin. The application of the gel on a regular basis will prevent the build-up of bacteria, which is responsible for forming acne.
  • The gel has both antibacterial and comedolytic effects. It effectively reduces the number of Propionibacterium acnes recovered from both the skin surface and follicles after a period of 48 hours. Its regular application significantly reduces the acne severity.
  • It acts as a peeling agent, increasing skin turnover and clearing pores, thus decreasing the bacterial count.
  • According to clinical studies, it effectively reduces the size of comedones by as much as 50%.
  • The topical agent is effective against both inflamed and non-inflamed lesions.
  • The product is one of the most cost-effective regimens for mild to moderate facial acne.


The topical gel should be applied once or twice daily just before going to bed, but the best application regimen will be decided by your health care specialist after evaluating your condition.

Side Effects

Patients using Benzoyl Peroxide Gel may encounter the following unwanted effects:

  • Redness
  • Itching
  • Burning sensation at the application site
  • Feeling of warmth
  • Dry or peeling skin

Contact dermatitis and irritation are the most frequent side effects to Persol Gel 2.5 %.

Contact a health care professional immediately if any of these above mentioned adverse reactions persist or worsen.

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