Brevoxyl Cream 4%

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Brevoxyl Cream 4%

Brevoxyl cream 4% is the first-line treatment method to get rid of acne. Benzoyl peroxide is an antibacterial agent that is used as an active ingredient in Brevoxyl.Benzoyl peroxide performs three actions 1. It kills bacteria (germs), 2. it reduces inflammation and 3. It unplugs the blocked pores. This cream is best with its fighting effect when it comes to treat acne vulgaris and kill bacteria. Its anti-inflammatory effects make this cream as an effective formulation for acne pimples and lesions. The topical formulation is great in suppressing Propionibacterium acnes (P. acne), it decreases its counts and improves skin condition.

Brevoxyl also works to stops the formation of new blackheads, whiteheads, and dark spots. Your dermatologist may prescribe this solution to use it with other combinations of drugs to treat moderate to severe acne conditions. Brevoxyl cream 4% is only for the use of adults and adolescents.

How to use Brevoxyl Cream 4% (Benzoyl Peroxide)

Brevoxyl cream is used to treat acne conditions. Read the leaflet given in the pack carefully before you start the treatment. This way you will get to know more details and information about usage and side effects associated with this cream.

  •  Apply Brevoxyl once or twice a day on acne affected skin area. Take about 4 to 5% of strength preparation, using small quantity helps in avoiding the skin irritation. You can reduce the quantity if you feel the skin irritation, once your skin will be used to this formulation you can gradually increase the dose up-till 6-7% consulting your dermatologist. 
  • Apply a thin layer on the affected skin and rub it gently. Wash your face with a mild cleanser or soap 15 minutes before applying Brevoxyl cream. Wet skin with a towel gently.
  • Use your fingertips to apply the cream to the affected area. Try to avoid the formulation to get into eye, mouth or nostrils.
  • Apply the formulation 30 minutes before going to bed, and wash the skin area gently with water when you wake up.
  • To achieve the best benefits, try not to miss the dose. It may take a few week's time (about 6 to 10 weeks) to see the full effects.

Possible Side Effects of Brevoxyl Cream 4%

The side effects of this cream are very rare, but still, if you face any severe side effects get medical help immediately. The common side effects of this cream are: skin allergic reaction like itching, redness, hives, rashes, skin peeling, blisters may occur especially in initial days when you start the treatment. These signs go away their own in a few days, but if they persist longer than call or visit your dermatologist to seek the consultation. Fever, trouble in breathing, wheezing, swelling on lips, face, and throat are also reported in some patients as severe side effects. Do not use Brevoxyl cream if you are allergic to its active ingredient.

To minimize the risk of side effects, apply the cream in the same way as directed by your dermatologist.

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