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Pantogar is an oral therapeutic agent used to stop hair loss and increases the metabolic activities of the hair root. It is effective in the case of various forms of diffuse hair loss. The product is supplied in the form of capsules that needs to be taken three times a day with a little fluid. Its regular intake reduces hair loss, stimulates health hair growth and improves the quality of your hair. Its special ingredients provide essential nutrients required for hair growth. These nutrients promote hair growth by stimulating the hair cells to divide and for new cells. In this way, hair returns in its active growth phase.

Uses of pantagor

It is indicated for:

  • Diffuse hair loss in men and women
  • Hair structure lesions
  • Problems with nail growth


The hair loss formula is effective because of the presence of a combination of ingredients.

  • It contains cystine, which is known to promote the natural function of the hair root and exerts an antioxidative effect.
  • Calcium pantothenate assists the energy metabolism in hair cell reproduction, promotes cell division, and helps in regeneration of existing cells.
  • Thiamine present in the hair loss product contributes to the metabolic activity of the hair root.
  • Para-aminobenzoic acid has a positive impact on the pigmentation of the hair.

All the ingredients present in Pantagor works together to help the natural function of the hair root. These components activate the metabolism and stimulate the formation of new cells. This product help in hair returns to the active growth phase, prevents hair loss, and give rise to new healthy hair growth.

Pantagor works depending on the phase of the life of your hair. The product is available without a prescription. You can purchase it online to prevent hair loss.

Dosage instructions

Take it three capsules a day to achieve desired results. Continue taking it for three to six months to attain the maximum result.  

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