Lotus Kera-Veda Soyasmooth Conditioner 150G

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 Lotus Kera-Veda Soyasmooth Conditioner 150G

Lotus Kera-Veda Soyasmooth Conditioner is a unique formulation that gives instant moisture to the hair. It detangles hair, leaving; it is soft, silky and smooth. The conditioner is a cream based formulation to give dry hair shine and bounce. Rich in soya extracts, the natural conditioner adds moisture to hair, make them shiny and healthy. The deep conditioning formula effectively restores the life of dull hair, making them soft and manageable.

Transform dull and dry hair into shiny strands with all natural Kera-Veda Soyasmooth Conditioner. The natural conditioner has the potential to nourish from the root to the tip of the hair. The crème deep conditioner has essential minerals and nutrients that are absorbed into the hair and strengthen from within. Correctly ensure hair care with this deep conditioning herbal formula. It promises to provide nourishment to your hair and keep them detangled all day long without giving any unpleasant smell. The innovative formula not only makes your hair shiny but also makes your lustrous strands strong. The presence of active herbal complexes helps in nurturing every hair strand. The essential vitamins and minerals also help in revitalizing and make them healthy. The Soyasmooth Conditioner contains soya beans that are a rich source of antioxidants and has a high level of amino acids that provide nourishment and moisturization to each hair strand.

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