Cucumber & Coconut Soap (Himalaya) -125gm

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Cucumber and Coconut Soap

Healthy skin can be achieved only when you clean your skin using the right product. Though the markets are filled with several products, choosing the right one can be a difficult task. If you have a dry skin, it is very important to go for the right soap, as using the wrong soap can ruin PH balance of your skin. Dry skin is mostly recognized for the lack of sufficient sebum production. It makes your skin hard to protect itself at times. Himalaya has a skin care product for dry skinned people. Himalaya Cucumber and Coconut Soap is extremely mild and has a great moisturizing property that will help to hydrate the dryness of your skin. It is an extremely creamy cleansing bar that moisturizes your skin and provides overall hydration to dry skin. This soap has a strong scent attached to it that stays long after use.

The coconut ingredient in this soap adds extra smoothness and softness to your skin and provides enough moisture.

Key Features-

  • Himalaya Cucumber and Coconut Soap tones your skin leaving it smooth, nourished and moisturized.
  • It is extremely mild.
  • It is the best ideal for rejuvenating and refreshing your body skin.
  • This soap naturally soothes, moisturizes and removes the traces of dryness.
  • It also contains natural antiseptic properties which are good for treating dry skin.
  • The lather is extremely creamy, soft and luxurious; also, it offers moisturization to dry skin.
  • It also provides overall hydration to your skin.

Direction to Apply-

Wet your body and apply Cucumber and Coconut Soap generously, work up lather and rinse with water.

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